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  • Hi, I have installed v9.2.9 with Oracle 10 g XE free edition & its working fine , but due to limitations i need to install it with latest Oracle Database 12 c and / or 11g but i am not able to found any documentation suggesting installation of with these versions of databases all are suggesting to install it with Oracle 10 g XE. I tried but getting errors during populating database with . My questions are : 1. Is it possible to install it with Oracle 12 c (or Oracle 11g) 2. Where can i get installation guide to install it with Oracle 12 c or 11g ? Thanks in advance , Regards , Rohan Choudhari

  • Current version is corrupted. The remaining open source versions have been disabled. All exe/bat files have been removed from the versions listed here effectively eliminating the ability to install any version....except paid via vendor website. Link for "community open source" version on website sends you back here to this corrupted file. Vendor has no honest mention of canceling their open source versions. Most at least leave their unsupported versions in tact. Dishonest and disappointing. Points to treatment for paid versions.

  • corrupt zip file

  • Excellent product. It fit all my requirements. I'm planning to roll-out across my organisation - David

  • All, Please be informed version 9.2.6 is available for download. --

  • I downloaded a few from sourceforge. This Projectnet is dead. This code is old. Seems they only do their paid version now. But they don't say how much it cost which mean it cost a lot. So I tried qdPM which you can download here. Its good. But I decide to buy qdPM Extended which has more functions. It is also open source but it is under 200 with no limits on users or projects or anything. Bargain!

  • It is a great software but it lacks some key features like material management and financial management. Currently we are developing that lacking features, we invite you to try out at our Google Code Repository

  • Very useful! Thanks.

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  • Hi, I downloaded and extracted the directories to the C: \ drive, but could not find the file startInstaller.bat. You can check if the file is complete? Thank you.

  • After using for one year on a daily basis, these are my thoughts about the product: - Virtually bug free. Even though a number of fixes have been rolled out to clients with support contract since version 9.2.5, I've used most features within the product without ever getting stuck. Only the reporting section is of poor quality. I'll try 9.4 once it becomes public but upgrading will not be a priority. - Time-saving. No more tedious double effort when updating Microsoft Project plans or spreadsheets while at the same time keeping track of timesheets in another third-party system. One of the beauties of is to allow users to update project plans via their timesheet entries. This particular feature has been key to getting adoption within the team. The cherry on the cake is the ability to reassess the task effort upon entry to reflect a change to the task. This fine level of granularity ensures accuracy of the reported overall project progress (bottom to top). - The database schema is well thought of and almost self-explanatory. Complex joins are already handled by a number of database views. To compensate the poor reporting shipped with, I've developed an external application (not in Java) which plugs into the Oracle DB directly. Reporting is by definition meant to be tailor-made anyway to fit one's requirements, so I expected to write reports myself from day 1. Still, I didn't know it would be so easy to retrieve all sorts of project data (timesheet reports, latest project updates, project forecast, financial forecast, change management, etc...). Bottom line is: is a quality product and its open-source nature gives access to the DB which compensates shortcomings (reporting) fairly easily. Thumbs up to, the best value for money in the market.

  • The software looks great. However, the backend is Oracle. Also, their open source support is non-existing. Their forum is dead since march, and any localization that existed is impossible to access. Their "localization server" has been down for months and there's really no other central place that deals with localization. Also I registered on the forum, but 2 days have gone by and I still don't have access to posting on the forum and I haven't received any mail from them telling me why. In other words, these guys probably benefitted from having people submit their translations for free and now there's no place to bitch (other than here), or ask questions.

  • Easy to run projectnet

  • small and efficient and gets the job done.

  • The best Project! Thanks

  • Very good for PM porrtfolio with team interactions for tracking progress with blogs and timesheet. A the open source is a gem. The assumed limitations are on the billing side. The DB design shows the design for billing but I haven't seen it working.

  • excellent application.

  • very good project

  • open source bug removal and new version release not updated with a regular roadmap

  • This is one of the best web based PM solutions out there. I have tested quite a few, including commercial offerings, and I have settled with this. It lack issue tracking and financials, but this is still one of the slick packages.