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  • I absolutely assume this program one of the best app I ever used! => consider having a look at this site for Free Gift Cards :

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  • I found the ubuntu wik about it, but the plugin did not show, I guess because I installed amarok later than the plugin.

  • The best music visualization library out there. Easy to include in other codebases. Too bad about the cmake.

  • Thankssss sooo much dudes

  • The best visualizer!

  • I listen to music using either VLC or VOX on an iMac running Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10.3). Is there a standalone version -- not a plugin -- of ProjectM which will run on my iMac, and which will be available to VLC and/or VOX? The Mac App Store only seems to offer an iOS version of ProjectM. I have also read that there is an iTunes-compatible ProjejctM plugin as well. However, I never use iTunes. So again, is there a standalone version of ProjectM for Mac OS X on a desktop machine? Thanks to anyone who responds.

  • Very nice music visualizer, this is exactly what i needed.

  • Very Very nice Milkdrop alternative :)

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  • projectm works perfectly.

  • Thank you very much developers. Works great on Linux Ubuntu 12 (software center install)

  • Excellent, Thanks a lot.

  • Nice and Easy to use.

  • No working port for Mac OS X/iTunes

  • it is a very nice idea and it works alright as a visualisation plugin in almost all players supporting libvisual, the source also offers an executable which will listen on top of pulseaudio and would work as a standalone application, except there is no package for that in ubuntu, and to my knowledge it is not possible to be compiled with more recent version of pulseaudio, still I give all thumbs up, as I suspect pulseaudio being the issue, as always :)

  • This is a stellar visualization app, based on MilkDrop and compatible with its presets. I have not found a more beautiful and flexible music visualization app in Linux as of yet.