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This looks functionally good and aesthetically pleasing ( and I'm not intending to fault it here ) but I would say that there are a couple of features it needs to be useful for me: resource levelling being able to link from a task below another e.g. from task 7 to task 6 OR easily moving around tasks in the grid e.g. via drag-and-drop. PERT / network is in there though which is missing from some other offerings and the WBS view is a nice addition. On an unrelated note, I really don't 'get' the ribbon interface even if certain companies have hyped it up: surely a good ol'-fashioned menu option would be an easy customisation... having said that the ribbon implemetation here is fairly logically laid out.


Lowest Rated

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I'm not sure if it's because it's Java-based, but I'm frustrated by the lack of normal Windows behavior in ProjectLibre. Cntrl-S does not save, Cntrl-X does not cut (it just copies to buffer, the Cntrl-V pastes but leaves original cell as it was), ESC doesn't exit out of dialog boxes, arrow up/down moves the cursor sometimes but not always, highlighting several task rows and choosing to "insert" doesn't insert several rows but instead just adds one (and at unexpected spots), moving/copying a task to an existing summary task does not adjust predecessors for existing tasks in that summary task. Most of this I think is related to it being in Java (would it be that much harder to build for Windows too? I know, easier asked than done...) It's all just a bit too messy to recommend. However, considering that it's free and Project starts at 600 dollars, I'll keep suffering through for at least my current project, since feature-wise it does seem fairly on par with Project.

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    I once planned a date with this software.....she died. 5/5, would use again

    Posted 09/23/2016
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    Imported and creates new plans in a mostly intuitive manner. A suprising number of advanced features to exploit.

    Posted 07/15/2016
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    I was this tool was stable! It was great - until I lost network connection to my home folder over the network and lost HOURS of work - HOURS :'( It may not have even been the lost network connection - I had literally over a hundred items and it started to appear unstable. I would definitely try again if they big fixed the issue!

    Posted 05/16/2016
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    Quebra galho se você não tiver alternativa.

    Posted 04/07/2016
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    Thanks for this post. It's a good post and helpful. Visit my site

    Posted 02/20/2016
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    Existe un Bug con la definición de los calendarios, que ha persistido desde mucho tiempo. No es fácil trabajar con ellos y tampoco los guarda correctamente, a veces los elimina o cosas así. La idea es buena pero simplemente no es práctico definir un calendario que desaparecerá, además de que no todos trabajamos con el mismo horario.

    Posted 10/02/2015
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    The java based gui of this app is its downfall

    Posted 09/22/2015
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    If you're real PM , don't waste your time trying this kind of shitty app. It is all buggy especially the task screen. The bugs touches sensitive and important modules used by any PM regardless the project size. I tried to use it (as a kind of support for open-source projects) for experimental project, but it fails from the first 4 tasks and because of this we decide to trash it forever. Personally, honestly I feel that it is not practical at all.

    Posted 09/20/2015
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    Useful program but the GUI lacks major features, which makes working very inefficient Such as - All tasks are expanded when opening a project, current view cannot be saved - Strange scrolling behaviour, zooming by mousewheel not working - GUI options are not saved and so on. I also had a look at the source code, almost no comments existing.

    Posted 09/19/2015
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    Has potential, but lacks any real support or even decent documentation. The "help" button takes you to a defunct website. The "community" support is months or years behind and often gives overly simplified answers to questions to make it look like they are doing something. Setting in this software have issues sticking. You may have to set a setting 5 times before it sticks. Tons of bugs. When changing a resources calendar, the software may recalculate a task to be a million days to complete. When copying a resource, if that resource is assigned anywhere, the copy will also be assigned. You cannot delete the copy's assignment without closing the application and reopening, then delete the resource assignment, then restart the software to see the change. Assigning calendars to a resource seems to work, but does not show correctly in the interface. The software often confuses hours with dollars so when a task costs 100,000 dollars, it is automatically scheduled to take 100,000 days to complete. It is clear that this software is being abandoned since these bugs have been present in the software for several months with no information on correcting them. Too bad, it has a lot of potential.

    Posted 09/02/2015
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    Used it for several projects and it is a wonderful tool with lots of features to manage costs, resources, dates, tasks, completion percentages and more. Initially the learning curve is a little high, but it is worth the effort!

    Posted 07/08/2015
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    Thats neat

    Posted 03/20/2015
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    Its astonishing :)

    Posted 03/20/2015
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    This is very nice

    Posted 03/18/2015
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    Probado, muy bueno. Me gustó la interfaz tan familiar a todos los que han usado el project de ms

    Posted 03/08/2015
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    wonderful light weight enabling piece of software. I love Java GUI a lot, neat on higher resolutions with font smoothing enabled. I wish though if that also extends to text fields in the task list and so on, i.e. smooth fonts and smoother graphics. Fully functional for me even using shortcuts.

    Posted 02/24/2015
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    Tryed to use it for a simple project : the GUI is buggy, grouping task does not display correctly, copy paste does not update task grid correcty and so on. Unusable currently.

    Posted 02/09/2015
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    Pretty useful, but I would say that MS Project is more 'fully-fashioned', also because it's now available in cloud too:

    Posted 02/02/2015
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    Useful. But: the Windows Installer creates the button not in the start menu for "all Users", but in the start menu of the actually logged in user. If another user logs in, he can not find the button to start ProjectLibre.

    Posted 01/29/2015
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    I really want to like this program. I do. I've used it on and off for a few years. It is simply unusable for anything over 20 or 30 entries. Keyboard behaviour is non-standard. It does weird stuff if you use a wheelie mouse. It is agonisingly slow, so as to be unusable. A damn shame, if I'm honest.

    Posted 01/08/2015
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    I am a mac user and this software is useful for the main project activities. WBS, Resource association, custs, export do PDF and more. But, I can not import ms project files...

    Posted 12/25/2014
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    Very similar to project. Easy to use

    Posted 10/17/2014
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    It's possible to create a basic project plan with ProjectLibre, but extracting it in a form that other people can read doesn't work nicely - and this is mainly because at default the applications shows every day - so you're plan is normally not shown on one page, but on a whole lot of them. I think I found earlier how to set the timescale to something more normal, but it didn't save my prefference and I can not find it again (and all support-website were down today). Too much trouble to use.

    Posted 10/02/2014
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    Thanks for sharing

    Posted 08/30/2014
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    Slow performance speed is a reason to bypass Project Libre 1.59. I've been a user of MS Project for more than ten years, and I've wanted to have a replacement with cost that reduces the barrier to entry for collaboration in project planning and management. Project Libre looks like a good possibility, and there are good reviews from seemingly reliable reviewers. I installed Project Libre 1.59, current in July 2014 as I write this, and verified that my system also contained the most recent Java version, which is recommended in the Project Libre website. Unfortunately I've found Project Libre ver 1.59 is so slow that its operation is very frustrating as projects reach 50 to 100 tasks. Gantt chart view scaling is very limited, choices of time scale in the Gantt chart are very limited, Gantt chart horizontal scrolling is peculiar in that it's both slow and the scrolling increments vary unexpectedly, sometimes it can't scroll to the right-hand end of the chart. Its slow performance speed is the real killer- I'm convinced that the positive reviews didn't involve actual use of Project Libre in a project that reached more than a few tasks in complexity. I REALLY like the apparent intention of the developers to produce a useful tool, but PL is not yet at that point.

    Posted 07/31/2014
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