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  • Brilliant potential. Slick as is but can use some improvements and if moved to GitHib, might draw some community contribs to keep it alive. Stagnating here clearly alas.Has real potential to be a standard part of distros like Ubuntu in time and with a little effort and polish.

  • cool

  • Great tool. Much appreciated! Being a user of Windows Process Explorer there are two features that I would like to politely request: 1) The ability to see memory usage in the main view 2) The ability to sort columns with a click... partly to make use of 1) and see which process is using the most memory.

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  • What I like about this tool is the details it shows per process. It allows you to see resource history graphs per process for example. This is a great tool for developers and tweakers.

  • This is clearly designed with Ubuntu in mind, however I got it working in Debian. I had to install libqwt5-qt4, python-qt4, and python-qwt5-qt4 (and dependencies) in my package manager first, then used dpkg to install this .deb. I like it, but it would be nice to have more column options. "Network Delta Total Bytes" for example would allow you to see which processes were currently using the network the most.

  • Nice tool! Thanks! Compared to • htop: procexp is much more powerful and usable • gnome-system-monitor: procexp is much more powerful, less CPU load • ksysguard: procexp is much more powerful Some features are still missing as of march 2012, but procexp is improving…

  • Much better than Gnome System Monitor (which keeps going back to the top whenever it refreshes). One very easy improvement that should be done NOW... add a readme file to the source that says run "./" to run the program (from the source).

  • Very useful project! It's improved day by day.

  • I'm glad such project has started and looks usable already

  • Waited long for this. I'm not a frequent Linux user but I know about processes/threads/load/.. in general and want to be able to monitor processes running on Linux without having to know about where and how to get the information.