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  • Sometimes i fear the power it grants

  • Muy completa.

  • Very helpful!

  • Excellent tool. For me best of a kind.

  • I'm using it everyday

  • Cannot terminate if sandboxed in hide mode. Please make PH can terminate hidden sandboxed. Thanks you for made awesome process view. BTW, add new features and make new design in PH.

  • good helper

  • Not as clean as Task Manager in Windows 8+, but definitely more advanced! Absolutely love this! I remember using this on my old Windows 7 laptop that broke and now I can use this awesome program again!

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  • yeah, quite useful software, but definitely makes me angry the 'grid' that doesnt customize itself when size of the window is changed or maximized, you definitely need to fix that in future, i like the refresh interval feature, also i like the how the save button works, like it writes to file just like you see it on screen, ++ for that, opacity feature makes it cool, overall 5/5, great software. thanks for this, much better than the default task manager, plus it has a task manager button so you can switch whatever you want. thanks.

  • Fast and useful software

  • Best of the best

  • Excellent!

  • excellent work! I love it!

  • I can`t sleep without Process Hacker !Great tool !

  • Excelente, uso a anos.

  • must have piece of software super feature rich not perfect yet Superb! :: enough said ::

  • Great tool

  • Superb Tool Very Professional & Hi-tech Look...Keep on updating and improving it

  • Excellent, does the job perfectly.

  • One of the best tools for Windows

  • This Really Is A Great Free App, Thanks

  • Excelent. Task manager is deprecated, procexp is shit.


  • Does is in a plan also localization to native languages? Also would be nice have option change color background icons in tray and after press red close button in default mimimalize only to tray. GPU history unavailable, Vista SP2, ATI 3650HD Mobility Catalyst 13.9, why?

  • Great! Always problem free. Be nice to have a good help file. Or a HELP / link to the online help file and FAQ. People may not click on ABOUT ever after all.

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