Process Hacker is a free and open source process viewer. This multi-purpose tool will assist you with debugging, malware detection and system monitoring.


  • Clear overview of running processes and resource usage
  • Detailed system information and graphs
  • Views and edits services
  • Other features useful for debugging and analyzing software

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User Reviews

  • It's rubbish - because: I downloaded Process Hacker on the recommend'n of PC World (should've remembered - never trust the media) and it took two goes to get it installed. Now what? There are no instructions on the tin so it certainly doesn't do anything. It was free - except I now need to take time zapping it off my hard disk. I wanted something to identify and so help me stop all those unwanted Windows programmes that run in the background (I use XP Pro w SP3, which I UPgraded (sic) to from Vista when I bought the laptop). Process Hacker does NOT do any of that because there is no way of learning how it works. And any items that can be found on their site, and on this host site, is written in geek-speak. Coming to this forum on a webhosting service required another log in - you geeks really have NO IDEA about marketing, do you?

  • requires .NET to run and that's unacceptable. I won't have that crap on my computer so I this presumably very useful program won't install or run for me.

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Advanced End Users, Developers

User Interface

Win32 (MS Windows)

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C#, C