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  • I suppose this is my favorite calculator. It has trig and programming stuff. You can do unit conversions by dividing by the starting unit and multiplying by the ending unit. It has a powerful macro language with handy statistics examples. It does matrix math. It has arbitrary precision - i.e. virtually unlimited. I really like that. It has history. It starts out looking and behaving as a normal calculator; except that statistics have to be entered as macros. This is not really a bad thing, as you can see all your numbers before and after the calculation, and edit them at will. The only features it seems to be missing is statistics buttons (regarding which, I'd probably use the macros anyway), and a calculator tape, for people who like to add lists of long numbers.

  • Amazing product. Anyone who does a wide range of recreational mathematics or non-negligible numeric work could die for a copy. The precision and performance are staggering and the variety of built-in function is startling when one considers the sheer volume of work it took to implement such a repertoire. Never mind the programming and design skills. That alone would be a hard act to follow, and in fact I do not offhand know of such any serious rival available online, but then there is the programmable facility as well. The programmability of the calculator should render the product enormously useful to engineers, statisticians and similar users who need heavy-duty arbitrary or repetitive calculation facilities at their fingertips. It could transform the value of either their desktops or their operating-system-capable tablets and similar devices. People who do not need thousands of digits of precision can specify any workaday modest precision that suits them, though there are plenty of applications such as cryptology that could benefit from multi-kilodigit calculation. I have not yet explored all the facilities of the product, and I never expect to, but for now I am gratified and breathless. I wish the creators success and reward with this or any future software they produce. In reviewing the rest of the user remarks, I see that someone suggested making it usable as a callable function by other software; personally I have no need for anything of the type, but it seems to me that it would be altogether reasonable to make it available as a callable utility for other software, but not as a freebie; anyone using it that way should be willing to pay for it non-optionally. I have not yet had occasion to assess the support in person, so I have just filled in a 5 as a place-holder to keep in line with the rest of my assessment (sorry about that!) *************************** I had forgotten writing the foregoing. I have upgraded my assessment a little because there was no scope for a greater upgrade. I can hardly believe that this is not one of the top Sourceforge maths products. I am repeatedly amazed by its value and power. Recently for the first time I had occasion to write a Precise Calculator macro of my own and it was a trivial task to produce something powerful and fast to create lists of large numbers that otherwise would have taken me a lot of time and effort to do from scratch in my own code. CS purists might sneer at the programming notation because it is procedural, but if so, they don't understand their own purism. The interface is that of a functional and powerful programming calculator, and it works transparently and simply. If you don't like that... suffer! To the author(s), my congratulations, thanks, and admiration.

  • Amazing application with incredible beautiful source code.

  • This is a great project. When I look at its source code I realize how much effort you did. Thank you.

  • you have no idea how much that program help me !

  • Has replaced my non-windows 8 computers, calculator and is always available on win 8 comps. I will say; if your one of those people who post math problems on stuff like yahoo answers etc this probably isn't for you.

  • Nice and Easy to use.

  • This is an outstanding calculator for your PC. I wish I had this one for real (or my cell phone). The programming capabiltities are very nice and easy to use. It would be even greater, if you would split this project into two parts (GUI and calculator.dll) so one could change the skin or embed it into self-made applications more easily.

  • Many calculators and spreadsheets out there are limited by double precision (e.g., 15-16 significant digits). Sometimes you need a program that is not. This is that program! You can enter a full expression in the top left pane and see the result in the bottom left pane. All the normal functions of a scientific calculator are there, including base conversion, deg/rad/grad conversion, output as fraction or decimal. You even have a macro language for writing mathematical functions with multiple inputs and outputs.

  • Very useful, especially the built-in functions.