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  • I began a project to migrate our small companies data over to xTuple September of 2013. We have 6 employees, and I was one of two put on the project. I had the technical and manufacturing expertise, and the other person had the accounting expertise. We have been using xTuple since January 1st 2014. We ran xTuple in parallel with our old system for the first quarter, and have been putting the final touches to completing the implementation ever since. The program has and continues to surpass our expectations. We have found a couple of bugs, but they were/are only annoyances. We started in version 4.1 and are currently in 4.4. We have been using the free postbooks license, and just had it renewed. Both times I asked for the license, I received it within 1 business day after a courteous phone call from xTuple. We sent the other person on the implementation project to the 101 class that xTuple hosts. I highly recommend anyone considering an implementation of xTuple take that class. The support available through the website and the user forums is outstanding! We looked at other accounting/ERP suites before choosing xTuple. I am glad that we chose xTuple.

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  • PostBooks is still free, while it is true you need a key for more than one user, keys are given out freely and without hesitation. Love the product.

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  • I heard very good comments about postbook. I have downloaded the installer "xTuple-4.5.0-windows-installer". I tried to install on my 64 bit windows 7 machine, but its not installing. I am getting the following error "Error copying file from packed archive <PATH>\xTuple-4.5.0-windows-installer.exe to <PATH>\QtGui4.dll" Can anyone help me?

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  • Great Product! Great support too! Just wondering if there will be a source code release for 4.3.1? Thank you for producing such a good product. Fred

  • xTuple is clearly the World's #1 Open Source ERP! There is an xTupleCon user conference on October 10 - 12th in Norfolk. Here is a link There is tremendous momentum with xTuple and I am sure this will be a great event!!!!!!

  • Thanks for the great business software. Keep up the good work.

  • Really powerful software! Simply and absolutely must have

  • software very utilities

  • Good job

  • Really useful. I use this every day.

  • Very Bad S

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  • it was a problem with installation, but after resolve this issue - easy to install and use. really sad that it support only postgre- imo mysql mych better for administration.

  • Great folks to work with. The community is very active.

  • very useful! thanks!

  • Very good project, big thanks!

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  • Good ERP,we use it in our company for a long time

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