POSper is a Point Of Sale (POS) System designed for small businesses. We support a wide variety of hardware and databases. We stand committed to the principals of community, collaboration, and communication and welcome everyone who comes by.


  • Intuitive touch screen operation
  • User oriented design for retail and restaurants
  • Ticket split and table moving
  • Customer card options
  • Sophisticated discount system with customer price list facilities
  • Customer group support, e.g. for discounts
  • Modifiers for discounts, tax shift, etc,
  • Order processing with delivery notes
  • True multi user and multi terminal capabilities
  • Open database interface accessible by ERP systems
  • Layout easily configurable (e.g. button sizes, images, separate category panel, template system for ticket layouts)
  • User and role management to control feature access
  • Many devices supported (printers, scales, cash drawers, scanners, card readers)
  • OPI Interface for credit card terminals
  • Efficient stock management
  • Stock management features for branch infrastructure
  • Accounting support
  • Integrates with POSper Backoffices (Web Interface to POSper with personnel management features, see SF project POSper Backoffice)
  • Many languages supported
  • Foreign currency support: cash payment in two currencies

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User Reviews

  • Good and useful software

  • Hi, I tried to start posper after downloading on my Mac with double click on posper.jar message of console is: 29.10.12 14:43:52 [0x0-0x46e46e].com.apple.JarLauncher[6002] Failed to load Main-Class manifest attribute from 29.10.12 14:43:52 [0x0-0x46e46e].com.apple.JarLauncher[6002] /Applications/posper/posper.jar Can anybody tell me what is wrong here? Thank you!

  • Runs smoothly

  • Great POS solution, works like a charm using MySQL5.1 in debian squeeze AMD64. I want to highlight the very fast and detailed developer support in the help forum. If you are going to install posper-2.0-1022d-2012-07-13 pay attention to the README on "files/ POSper Releases / 2.0" otherwise you might ran into some strange problems with apache velocity. Be sure to check the wiki and the user manual "on POSper Support Site" (It's linked from posper dot net) Andy

  • I can't run that program and I don't know what to do. Starting POSper libpng warning: Interlace handling should be turned on when using png_read_image org.hibernate.HibernateException: Hibernate Dialect must be explicitly set ... I have had tested different jre-versions (6 and 7). I am using Archlinux but I tested it with Ubuntu Quantal Alpha 2 too. Any suggestions what I can do? -------------- The whole day to find a solution... which is very simple and this is the workaround: Step 1) Extract the file Step 2) run ./posper (don't run ./config ; this was my fault) Step 3) you click "yes" and then you had to type "setup" in the blank field... And that's it! Best wishes -BenSpa

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Romanian, French, Dutch, Italian, Catalan, Portuguese, Danish, German, Spanish

Intended Audience

Customer Service, End Users/Desktop

User Interface

Java Swing

Programming Language


Database Environment