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  • Great job, working fine with Vista 32-bit, now it is possible to evaluate Evolution e-mail direct from Windows (There is no working windows version of Evolution e-mail program). Keep up the good work!

  • Thanks for Portableubuntu, it's excellent!

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  • very good project, thanks!

  • does it work on windows 7 64 bit version?

  • Yeah it is great but the size is large make something for that

  • Are you traveler? Take mini portable ubuntu! Great app, thanks portableubuntu

  • I use this software. Thank you for your work.

  • it is very good. Probably author could look upon putting thin linux like puppylinux and xubuntu.

  • Nice project, thanks!

  • Like it over all but it has issues when updating. Causes BSoD on my Win7 :(

  • great, thanks

  • thank you :) After startup you need to update the sources.list download from : Enjoy :)

  • Superb project, thank you for writing

  • I really didn't get what this is for. I was looking for Portable Ubuntu, but found this. It doesn't look like anything that is look like Ubuntu. The real Portable Ubuntu is placed here

  • Very useful and much faster than Virtualbox.

  • Amazing soft!

  • Absolutely a good thing. It allows me to develop Linux and Android for my mobile device when I am using Windows. It is also smooth when running from my USB 3.0 Hard Disk. One bad thing is that I have to manually expand the virtual disk image, and it is fixed-size and not dynamically expanding one...

  • very interesting, but to stick to the spirit of ubuntu, a lot need to be done to help users who doesn't know a clue about linux

  • very good project

  • There are a few issues that need to be fixed - most importantly an init script that's causing it to become unbootable (see for a solution) - but otherwise, pubuntu is a welcome addition to my software library. Well done.

  • Simply awesome!

  • Portable_Ubuntu_V4_slimLZM2_091311.exe is super. I have installed Oracle 10g and Enjoying

  • This is not working. The Cygwin/X crashes every time. Please refer to my article in to find a fix.

  • It works nice, but I think there is a lack of how-to documentation. I needed to google every detail and for now I'm still googleing thing such as if modifying the conf file will lead into more RAM used by pubuntu....

  • Good stuff. Works well with few bugs. Read the FAQ for root password.

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