PortableSigner is a tool for digital signing (with X.509 certificates) of PDF files

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User Reviews

  • Nice lightweight tool. Requires quaqua (libquaqua64.dylib) for proper look and usability on Mac OS. Works only on PKCS12 certificates Uses fixed hash algorithm (SHA1?) Pros: * supports including a picture (logo) * supports appending a page for signature information so that the original document remains readable * supports different languages for signature Cons: * printed information spacious and not scalable * no TLS (trusted time server) support (biggest problem to me)

  • PortableSigner fills an important role for do-it-yourself security certificate signing of pdf files. My basic workflow is to produce a pdf file with LaTeX (pdfLaTeX) and then to sign the pdf file with PortableSigner. I had some trouble getting a Signature File in pkcs12 (p12) format. I used CAcert.org ("Free Digital Certificates for Everyone") and was able to save a personal certificate to my Firefox browser. (I couldn't figure out how to do this in Chrome). I was then able to export my certificate from Firefox as a pkcs12 format file (with a .p12 extention) from Firefox: Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Certificates -> View Certificates -> Your Certificates -> Backup. This file, which I saved as my.p12 serves as the Signature File input for PortableSigner. (I was not able to convert my.crt to P12 format using openssl but this is supposed to be a straightforward alternative. Tips appreciated.) I also downloaded the Root Certificate (root.crt) from CAcert.org. Because Acrobat doesn't automatically recognize digital signatures from CAcert.org, I had to go to Document -> Manage Trusted Identities -> Add Contact and then select the Root Certificate root.crt. I would be grateful for more documentation. Thank you very much PortableSigner.

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  • Very necessary thing

  • portablesigner works perfectly.

  • It does exactly what it says it does, and we have it in our testing environment about to go into production. Thanks for the great software!

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