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  • Thank you so much for the this wonderful platform ! It makes reinstallation of OS and switching computers a breeze !

  • Thankyou for making this

  • Congratulations, the project is very good.

  • Have found PortableApps one of the most useful sites to find and use pgms that make my use of computing so much easier. There are very few things I do on the Inter-net that I rely on PortableApps to make things faster, easier to use and understand and does the hard work for me. After so many years of using so many programs I would no doubt be lost without the use of PortableApps, so thanks for all the help.

  • Using it for years, very good (y)

  • It's Best Platform, Very useful , and serves what it says

  • This is the greatest flash drive platform on the Internet of planet Earth.

  • Great idea, very useful.

  • It serve its purpose, nice app

  • Nice!!!

  • Why does my emsisoft malware now, beginning this month show this platform to have a Pup and not allow me to download it?

  • ok

  • a great project that I install on every flash drive i get my hands on.

  • This software has helped me so many times!

  • I've been using PortableApps for over a year now, and all I can say is that it is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! I love PortableApps!! ❤❤❤

  • excelente programa solo le falta aun mas programas

  • thank you great piece of software

  • A big thank you for all of the apps, especially Firefox!

  • I just wonder How I missed this application in so many years of windows use. I recently found about it and this piece of app is all fantastic, healthy to OS, and more. This kind of application every windows user should have. I am planning of having only third party portable apps in future if I reinstall windows....

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  • Great piece of software, and invaluable (imo) for anyone switching to a "portable setup". Tried most of the other launchers (eg, PStart, ASuite, SyMenu, etc, etc) and none provide the same experience. 5 big stars from me.

  • A Great Portable Tool to Manage all Portable Apps with Updatemanager for all most used Supported Apps. But it can be better! A must-have-tool for USB and some other Portable Device!

  • Portable applications themself are very useful, but please spend more time developing portableapps platform design. On win7 the task bar icon doesn't dissapear when papps platform is hidden, I'd like to see it only in tray. Make mouse down animation for those buttons (like apps or options) the fact that I press the button and don't see it is pressed is making me feel sick. Create a dialog box for Getting More Apps where it is possible to sort a table by name or category, where I could search for the application by it's name: I have to go to the papps site first to text-search for the needed app and then look for it in the "Get More Apps..." dialog!

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  • Thanks

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