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Additional Versions 2012-02-13
AbiWord Portable 2.8.6 2010-06-17
AbiWord Portable 2.8.5 2010-06-04
AbiWord Portable 2.8.2 2010-02-19
AbiWord Portable 2.8.1 Rev 2 2009-10-30
AbiWord Portable 2.8.1 2009-10-30
AbiWord Portable 2.6.8 2009-03-20
AbiWord Portable 2.6.6 2009-01-16
AbiWord Portable 2008-12-04
AbiWord Portable 2.6.4 2008-07-23
AbiWord Portable 2.6.3 2008-05-05
AbiWord Portable 2.6.2 2008-04-07
AbiWord Portable 2.6 2008-04-02
AbiWord Portable 2.4.6 Revision 2 2008-02-22
AbiWordPortable_2.8.6_Rev_3.paf.exe 2014-03-12 6.6 MB
AbiWordPortableTest_2.9.2_Rev_2.paf.exe 2014-03-12 8.7 MB
Totals: 16 Items   15.3 MB 920

Welcome to the Project on SourceForge. Most of our users download and install our apps through the Platform's built-in app store and then keep them updated using the platform's built in updater. You can download the Platform and give it a try using the recommended download at the top of the page.

You can also use our apps on their own just by downloading the individual .paf.exe portable installers. Portable installers in Format have a ton of benefits over generic zip files including smaller download size, digitally signed, self-checks for tampering, and lots more. You can find all our apps in the Portable App Directory or by browsing individual app downloads above.

If you need any help, you can visit the Support pages or visit our online forums.

All of the above resources are available on

Happy Portable App-ing!

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