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Point and Figure Java API Joe McVerry American Coders, Ltd POB 97462 Raleigh NC, 27624 ----- Source code is documented. Package requires Java and another open source package named JExcelAPI which can be downloaded from There are two ways to use the Point and Figure package from the command line. The first and newest way is to use the command line scripts included with the package. These scripts will call the PAFSpreadsheet class. This method will generate a Excel spreadsheet. The second and original way is to use the main method in the PointAndFigure class. This method will produce a CSV file that you can cut and paste into a spreadsheet. 1) You can run the PAFSpreadsheet class from a command line. The program will continually prompt you for a symbol and will generate a XLS file with the symbol as the primary file name. /* windows example /* PAFSpreadsheet /* *unix example */ ./PAFSpreadsheet 1.a) PAFSpreadsheet class (not batch command file) accepts two arguments. You will need to update the batch command file to pass the arguments to the executable class. 1.a.1)-google Use the Google URL, default is Yahoo. 1.a.2)-days=xxx where xxx is the number of calendary days worth of data to collect. Default is 360 calendar days from today. 2) You can run the PointAndFigure class from a command line. The main method can be passed 0 to 2 arguments. You need Java installed on your machine. example: java com.americancoders.PointAndFigure If no argument is passed the method will use data from the FakeStockData class. example: java com.americancoders.PointAndFigure -sym If the first and only argument is -sym the method will prompt you for a stock symbol and dump it's results to System output file. example: java com.americancoders.PointAndFigure "somestocksymbol" {d|w} Otherwise the method assumes the first argument is a stock symbol and if a second argument is used it must be d, for daily, or w for weekly. In previous version package downloaded data from Yahoo quotes. There is now an option to use Google quotes to get data. To do this simply set a system property useGoogle to either one of three values YES, TRUE or 1. Please email all comments, update suggestions and questions to ---- Release 20120928 Changed the High-Low logic to follow specifications as defined by Jeremy du Plessis book "The Definitive Guide to Point and Figure", page 94. ---- Release 20120416 Added volume to the entire process. Volume is used in the PAFSpreadsheet program to display total volume for each period. ---- Release 20120225 Added two optional arguments to PAFSpreadSheet 1) -google use this to use the Google URL. 2) -days=xxx where xxx is the number of calendarydays to fetch, default value is 360. Removed abiltity to pass a prebuilt StockData array to GetStockData class. ---- Release 20120103 Changed the Yahoo URL in ---- Release 20110212 Added command line function to call PAFSpreadsheet. ---- Release 20110212 Yahoo price adjustment bug. ---- Release 20110127 Turns out Yahoo Quote Historical Data download requires adjusting for dividends and stock splits. ---- Release 20110104 Added logic to pull data from Google. To do this set a system property to System.getProperty("useGoogle") yes, true or 1. ---- Release 20100715 Added new analysis: SpreadTripleTop, SpreadTripleBottom HighPole and LowPoleReversal ---- Release 20100515 Added indicators and added text formatting in Excel spreadsheets. ---- Release 20100423 Replaced CSV spreadsheet function with a class that builds Excel spreadsheets. This new function requires the open source package JExcel see for further information. ---- Release 20100305 Improved CSV spreadsheet output. Month value shows up in column and only the year is displayed at bottom. ---- Release 20100203 This file is pretty much all the documentation. Added static strings to calculating and test methods. ---- Release 20100130 This file is pretty much all the documentation. Added JUnit test cases, moved some files to a new package, reconfigured packages and updated source code due to JUnit test case error catching. ----- Release 20100128 This file is pretty much all the documentation.
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