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Release pms-mlx v0.3 Feature: - created library view allowing to visualize the files stored in the database (editing fill follow) - added 'Show in Library' menu item to show the files that will be contained in a folder in the library view - added play history to all file types. it contains all the dates when a file has been played - support AdditionalFolder(s)AtRoot - limit max number of files shown for a folder (gui + business) Bug: - solved bug where timespan conditions wouldn't be applied correctly - always set sort name to name when importing - Make file extension lookup case insensitive - Genres aren't automatically sorted Improvement: - added condition and mask variable for date last played for all file types - added additional localization Messages to distinguish between condition operators shown for conditions and the combo boxes - improved resizing behavior of folder dialog (thumbnail prios and folder view) - set min size for some buttons - added ConditionType FILE_ISACTIF Change: - updated to base code revision 512 (reverted ExternalFactory to last version to avoid double loading of the plugins)) - changed DLNAView package to lower case - changed database (should be transparent for users -> auto update through script) - created a FilterEditor component shared by the folder dialog and the library view - changed the layouting of the condtions in the FilterEditor to save space
Source: README, updated 2011-03-10