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25-June-2016 - 5.5.0

System requirements:

PMD and CPD need at least a java7 runtime environment. For analyzing Salesforce.com Apex source code, you'll need a java8 runtime environment.

New Supported Languages:

New and modified Rules:

  • New rules in Java:

    • java-logging-java/InvalidSlf4jMessageFormat: Check for invalid message format in slf4j loggers. See PR#73.
    • java-design/ConstantsInInterface: Avoid constants in interfaces. Interfaces should define types, constants are implementation details better placed in classes or enums. See Effective Java, item 19. See PR#93.
  • Modified rules in Java:

    • java-comments/CommentRequired: New property serialVersionUIDCommentRequired which controls the comment requirements for serialVersionUID fields. By default, no comment is required for this field.
    • java-design/UseVargs: public static void main method is ignored now and so are methods, that are annotated with Override. See PR#79.
  • New rules for Salesforce.com Apex:

    • apex-complexity: AvoidDeeplyNestedIfStmts, ExcessiveParameterList, ExcessiveClassLength, NcssMethodCount, NcssTypeCount, NcssConstructorCount, StdCyclomaticComplexity, TooManyFields, ExcessivePublicCount
    • apex-performance: AvoidDmlStatementsInLoops, AvoidSoqlInLoops
    • apex-style: VariableNamingConventions, MethodNamingConventions, ClassNamingConventions, MethodWithSameNameAsEnclosingClass, AvoidLogicInTrigger, AvoidGlobalModifier
  • Javascript

    • New Rule: ecmascript-unnecessary/NoElseReturn: The else block in a if-else-construct is unnecessary if the if block contains a return. Then the content of the else block can be put outside. See #1486.

Improvements and CLI changes:

  • A JSON-renderer for PMD which is compatible with CodeClimate. See PR#83.
  • #1360: [core] [java] Provide backwards compatibility for PMD configuration file
  • CPD: If a complete filename is specified, the language dependent filename filter is not applied. This allows to scan files, that are not using the standard file extension. If a directory is specified, the filename filter is still applied and only those files with the correct file extension of the language are scanned.
  • CPD: If no problems found, an empty report will be output instead of nothing. See also #1481
  • CPD: New command line parameter --ignore-usings: Ignore using directives in C# when comparing text.
  • PMD: New command line parameter: -norulesetcompatibility - this disables the ruleset factory compatibility filter and fails, if e.g. an old rule name is used in the ruleset. See also #1360. This option is also available for the ant task: <noRuleSetCompatibility>true</noRuleSetCompatibility>.
  • PMD: New command line parameter: -filelist- this provides an alternative way to define, which files should be process by PMD. With this option, you can provide the path to a single file containing a comma delimited list of files to analyze. If this is given, then you don't need to provide -dir. See PR#98.

Pull Requests:

  • #25: [cs] Added option to exclude C# using directives from CPD analysis
  • #27: [cpp] Added support for Raw String Literals (C++11).
  • [#29)(https://github.com/adangel/pmd/pull/29): [jsp] Added support for files with UTF-8 BOM to JSP tokenizer.
  • #30: [core] CPD: Removed file filter for files that are explicitly specified on the CPD command line using the '--files' command line option.
  • #31: [core] CPD: Added file encoding detection to CPD.
  • #32: [objectivec] Extended Objective-C grammar to accept UTF-8 escapes (\uXXXX) in string literals.
  • #33: [swift] Added support for Swift to CPD.
  • #34: multiple code improvements: squid:S1192, squid:S1118, squid:S1066, squid:S1854, squid:S2864
  • #35: [javascript] Javascript tokenizer now ignores comment tokens.
  • #72: [java] [jsp] Added capability in Java and JSP parser for tracking tokens.
  • #73: [java] InvalidSlf4jMessageFormat: Add rule to look for invalid message format in slf4j loggers
  • #74: [java] CommentDefaultAccessModifier: Fix rendering CommentDefaultAccessModifier description as code
  • #75: [core] RuleSetFactory Performance Enhancement
  • #76: [java] DoNotCallGarbageCollectionExplicitly: fix formatting typos in an example
  • #77: [java] [plsql] Fix various typos
  • #78: [java] MissingStaticMethodInNonInstantiatableClass: Add Builder pattern check
  • #79: [java] UseVarargs: do not flag public static void main(String[]), ignore @Override
  • #80: [site] Update mvn-plugin.md
  • #82: [perl] Add Perl support to CPD.
  • #83: [core] CodeClimateRenderer: Adds new Code Climate-compliant JSON renderer
  • #84: [java] EmptyMethodInAbstractClassShouldBeAbstract: Change rule's description.
  • #85: [java] UseStringBufferForStringAppends: False Positive with Ternary Operator (#1340)
  • #86: [apex] Added language module for Salesforce.com Apex incl. rules ported from Java and new ones.
  • #87: [core] [apex] Customize Code Climate Json "categories" + "remediation_points" as PMD rule properties
  • #88: [core] [apex] Fixed typo in ruleset.xml and problems with the CodeClimate renderer
  • #89: [core] Some code enhancements
  • #90: [core] Refactored two test to stop using the deprecated ant class BuildFileTest
  • #91: [core] [java] [jsp] [plsql] [test] [vm] Small code enhancements, basically reordering variable declarations, constructors and variable modifiers
  • #92: [core] [apex] Improved Code Climate Renderer Output and a Bugfix for Apex StdCyclomaticComplexityRule on triggers
  • #93: [java] ConstantsInInterface: Add ConstantsInInterface rule. Effective Java, 19
  • #94: [core] [apex] Added property, fixed code climate renderer output and deleted unused rulessets
  • #95: [apex] AvoidDmlStatementsInLoops: New apex rule AvoidDmlStatementsInLoops
  • #96: [core] CodeClimateRenderer: Clean up Code Climate renderer
  • #97: [java] BooleanGetMethodName: Don't report bad method names on @Override
  • #98: [core] PMD: Input filelist parameter
  • #99: [apex] Fixed Trigger name is reported incorrectly
  • #100: [core] CSVRenderer: escape filenames with commas in csvrenderer


  • java-basic
    • #1471: [java] DoubleCheckedLocking: False positives
    • #1424: [java] SimplifiedTernary: False positive with ternary operator
  • java-codesize
    • #1457: [java] TooManyMethods: counts inner class methods
  • java-comments
    • #1430: [java] CommentDefaultAccessModifier: triggers on field annotated with @VisibleForTesting
    • #1434: [java] CommentRequired: raises violation on serialVersionUID field
  • java-controversial
    • #1449: [java] AvoidUsingShortType: false positive when casting a variable to short
  • java-design
    • #1452: [java] AccessorClassGenerationRule: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException with Annotations
    • #1479: [java] CloseResource: false positive on Statement
    • #1438: [java] UseNotifyAllInsteadOfNotify: false positive
    • #1467: [java] UseUtilityClass: can't correctly check functions with multiple annotations
  • java-finalizers
    • #1440: [java] AvoidCallingFinalize: NPE
  • java-imports
    • #1436: [java] UnnecessaryFullyQualifiedName: false positive on clashing static imports with enums
    • #1465: [java] UnusedImports: False Positve with javadoc @link
  • java-junit
    • #1373: [java] JUnitAssertionsShouldIncludeMessage: is no longer compatible with TestNG
    • #1453: [java] TestClassWithoutTestCases: false positive
  • java-migrating
    • #1446: [java] JUnit4TestShouldUseBeforeAnnotation: False positive when TestNG is used
  • java-naming
    • #1431: [java] SuspiciousEqualsMethodName: false positive
  • java-optimizations
    • #1443: [java] RedundantFieldInitializer: False positive for small floats
    • #1340: [java] UseStringBufferForStringAppends: False Positive with ternary operator
  • java-sunsecure
    • #1476: [java] ArrayIsStoredDirectly: False positive
    • #1475: [java] MethodReturnsInternalArray: False positive
  • java-unnecessary
    • #1464: [java] UnnecessaryFinalModifier: false positive on a @SafeVarargs method
    • #1422: [java] UselessQualifiedThis: False positive with Java 8 Function
  • java-unusedcode
    • #1456: [java] UnusedFormalParameter: should ignore overriding methods
    • #1484: [java] UnusedLocalVariable: false positive - parenthesis
    • #1480: [java] UnusedModifier: false positive on public modifier used with inner interface in enum
    • #1428: [java] UnusedPrivateField: False positive when local variable hides member variable hides member variable
  • General
    • #1425: [core] XMLRenderer: Invalid XML Characters in Output
    • #1429: [java] Parser Error: Cast in return expression
    • #1441: [site] PMD: Update documentation how to compile after modularization
    • #1442: [java] PDMASMClassLoader: Java 9 Jigsaw readiness
    • #1455: [java] Parser: PMD doesn't handle Java 8 explicit receiver parameters
    • #1458: [xml] Performance degradation scanning large XML files with XPath custom rules
    • #1461: [core] RuleSetFactory: Possible threading issue due to PR#75
    • #1470: [java] Parser: Error with type-bound lambda
    • #1478: [core] PMD CLI: Use first language as default if Java is not available
    • #1481: [core] CPD: no problems found results in blank file instead of empty xml
    • #1485: [apex] Analysis of some apex classes cause a stackoverflow error
    • #1488: [apex] Windows line endings falsify the location of issues
    • #1491: [core] CodeClimateRenderer: corrupt JSON output with real line breaks
    • #1492: [core] PMD CLI: IncompatibleClassChangeError when running PMD
Source: ReadMe.md, updated 2016-06-25

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