!!! NOTE !!! The latest file upload (Simple.zip) is a simplified version of the Starter Framework meant for single-schema applications. It only offers logging, error handling and table-driven parameters (with a few extra supporting packages for writing to screen and file, and manipulating dates, strings and numbers). In order to access the simplified framework, click "Browse All Files" and choose the plsqlfmwksimplet folder, then the 2.1 folder. Download Simple.zip.

The full framework (Starter_Full_2.0.zip) is meant for multiple applications resident in multiple schemas on the same database, where the common framework is shared between them all. It is a collection of PL/SQL packages and related tables, which provide a starter framework for custom PL/SQL-based applications. Save months of design/build time. Includes logging, debugging, timing, locks, common messages, file reading/writing/management, email from within the DB, user/role security, and more.


  • Standard RBAC authorization data model with role hierarchy
  • Dynamic debugging, timing and logging
  • Table-driven application properties
  • Generic fine-grained column auditing framework
  • Standardized exception handling and assertions
  • Centralized application messages
  • Emailing and file manipulation from the database
  • Application, session, database, end user and connection metadata
  • DDL library for Agile database build environments
  • Named process locking (pessimistic)
  • Directory server integration (ldap operations from the database)
  • Common string, date and number manipulation routines

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User Reviews

  • excellent app

  • This is a great framework with a design well organized and clean paths. There are a lot of useful features ready to use. But, how I can make some suggestions to improve it?

  • This framework provides so many great tools that would take hours and hours to recreate. I don't know what I would do without it now.

  • Awesome framework that makes all the little things, such as logging and debugging, easy and intuitive. Highly recommended.

  • Fantastic program.

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Project is a database abstraction layer (API)