An easy to use Java program that allows you to digitize data points off of scanned plots, scaled drawings, or orthographic photographs. Includes an automatic digitization feature that can automatically digitize many types of functional data.

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  • This project could use fuller instructions. Right now the readme just says follow the on-screen instructions, but the on-screen instructions are extremely brief and don't really take the user through the process. However, once I figured out how to use it, Plot Digitizer did a great job and solved a bad problem I have had for a couple of weeks now. I just wish I had known about it sooner.

  • just does what you need

  • thanks !!! very nice tool

  • I use this all the time, not perfect but gets the job done.

  • Very good and easy to use. I would be glad if I could use this for a discountinous plot as well, I'm not sure if it let me do that, but If this future exist, I would be appericiated if someone let me know.

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French, English

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Science/Research, Education, End Users/Desktop

User Interface

Java Swing

Programming Language