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============================================================ Welcome to the README for plgen! ============================================================ The video presentation in this folder is outdated but provides a survey over a subset of the functionality of Plgen. In addition to what can be seen in the video , Plgen now ships with a GUI and added functionality. If you think that Plgen can help you , please download the latest version from a release_XXX folder. The higher the number XXX, the newer the release (this is what you want). You can find the documentation in the doc sub-folder of your download. After unpacking just go to the doc sub-folder and type at a prompt: $ man plgen.1 which should provide all required information for using Plgen successfully. All deb-packages version < 1.8 are flawed and their use is not recommended. Future versions will only be packaged if the need is obvious. Please stay with the tar-balls New in version 1.8.2: - fixes bug that restricts use of Plgen_gui to users mounting their device on "/mnt/player" - provides the GUI version with shuffle functionality Enjoy, Benjamin <bnjmnkent A T> P.S.: As this is still beta, your feedback is highly appreciated.
Source: README, updated 2013-09-02