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Platinum 0.6.8 -------------- changed: try to bind source port to 1900 for ssdp notify and search responses added: capability to change user agent on the fly added: didl parsing and formatting of dc:description & upnp:icon added: user agent header to SSDP packets fixed: Windows build added: UPnP AV Renderer functions changed: verify we can seek the body of the response before returning Accept-Range: bytes fixed: don't use localhost address for SSDP announcements changed: short connection time out for subscribers since they may not exist and this would block when exiting fixed: bug when parsing W3C date time fixed: compiling issues when removing TLS support fixed: recursion that prevented some logs to be written fixed: potential issue with thread safe references added: support for removing HTTP header in a request or response before sending it changed: support bytes:0- range request for non seekable streams and avoid returning 416. changed: return 416 instead of 500 in case we can't stream the body and a range request was made (this makes XBox and PS3 happier) changed: make all references thread safe by default Platinum 0.6.7 -------------- fixed: request would fail when retrying on a new connection after the previous one failed because server closed it without using a Connection:close header. Only happens with requests containing a body. fixed: always adding Connection:close in HTTP 1.1 responses due to checking content-length prior to setting it. changed: allow DLNA interactive request. changed: Don't override accept-range header if already set. changed: more DLNA compliance for DMC changed: better handling of path extraction. Now url encodes url root as well changed: better support for persistent connections with http 1.0 changed: eturn HTTP 416 if Accept-Range header is not bytes in the request and the server makes a range request Platinum 0.6.6 -------------- fixed: mime type detection was not properly handled fixed: bad parsing of file path from url when MediaServer url root was just '/' fixed: now builds universal framework for iOS and OSX properly added: missing files Platinum 0.6.5 -------------- added: Platinum.xcodeproj now builds Platinum.Framework for both iOS and OSX to make it easier to integrate as a 3rd party. changed: Better chunked-encoding support (don't write Content-Length) changed: Add Accept-Range header when returning HTTP 416 as per spec updated: based on Neptune 1.1.2 now fixed: potential crash due to using non thread safe references fixed: FindDevice could return invalid root device, now keep a reference of root device when fetching all SCPDs of root device and embedded devices just in case root device goes away fixed: crashes in MediaCrawler sample code changed: simplified getting default mime type changed: only allow keep-alive in response if it contains a ContentLength header or a Chunked transfer encoding changed: handlers can now be owned by NPT_HttpServer changed: simplified HttpClientTask by using new NPT_HttpClient pipelining feature fixed: now detects devices with SCPD urls containing query param or hash tags fixed: C++/CLR Managed Binding enumeration of embedded devices not using reference changed: removed VS2005 support changed: removing broadcast support (only needed for obsolete XBox v1) fixed: potential case where a task can be added as we're stopping changed: don't add Accept-Range bytes header if chunked encoding is used changed: when enumerating interfaces for SSDP, only returned MULTICAST enabled Interfaces and removed Point-To-Point ones changed: Forces port 1900 for SSDP now and don't depend on default Multicast interface and instead join on all valid interfaces changed: don't advertise resources on all interfaces unless ALLIP is found in filter (DLNA) fixed: localinterface not being set for embedded devices resulting in event subscription failing because the subscription IP was rather than the IP of the control point. added: Sonos support back using Rhapsody (only visible in Desktop Controller though) fixed: @refID mask detection and use cases insensitive compare for tags now added: support to serve byte range requests for a stream, not just a file added: More DLNA compliance with certain DLNA HTTP headers changed: simplified XBox & WMP support to fix "Not Authorized" seen for Denon DLNA devices. fixed: mask overlapping with another, added more masks support for DLNA compliance fixed: more dlna compliance, let serveFile add Accept-Range header fixed: DLNA test failing due to sending refId when not requested fixed: DLNA protocol info parsing error due to trailing semi-colon fixed: ring buffer stream to only return prematurely on abort and not on eos added: .wavm for mono wave extension changed: stopped sending byebye first to stop confusing slow devices fixed: Windows Media Player 12 not being happy with wav protocol info fixed: deadlock when receiving a description response for an invalid device while doing house keeping on subscribers. Now uses only one lock. fixed: better handling of stopping UPnP immediately after starting it changed: don't bind hard for SSDP multicast listen changed: updated Server and UA HTTP header (does not include OS anymore) added: basic support for WMP11 changed: lowered SSDP response time to 5 secs changed: no more accept-ranges on any file requests, only on serveFile fixed: DLNA profile didl attribute was not being written for albumArtURI added: lpcm working for both XBox 360 and PS3 changed: asks for searchable and childCount didl attributes by default removed: extra logging when not finding didl attribute fixed: mimetype parsing added: support for audio/L16;44100... fixed: fails if can't get file length only if a range request is passed changed: returns 404 instead of 500 when file is missing added: didl support for multiple album arts improved: string serialization, reduces too many string copies during didl creation added: audio/L16 support to XBox fixed: dlna serialization, added audio/L16 Platinum 0.6.4 -------------- fixed: android compilation fixed: crash when running FileMediaServerTest on a directory with Chinese characters fixed: now use real Computer Name or User Name next to Server name Platinum 0.6.3 -------------- fixed: 2005 and 2010 solutions added: 2010 Platinum.Managed strong-name signed assembly Platinum 0.6.2 -------------- improved: DLNA flags masks fixed: Managed wrapper now keeping the pointer to the native member when passed so we can modify members in place. But we have to be careful to not pass local stack objects that will be deallocated which will cause crashes added: Managed now can pass uuid to MediaServer fixed: Managed not running on x64 machines fixed: new XBox Dashboard support fixed: UTF-8 was not properly handled through Managed Interface changed: put back default byebye first otherwise xbox doesn't detect when same device arrives after a crash added: device signature detection (PS3, XBOX, WMP) changed: addIcon is now public changed: forced to bind on every interface on port 1900 otherwise we don't receive SSDP search requests sometimes changed: MediaConnect only advertise ContentDirectory with Search action to WMP and XBox now fixed: returning all resource metadata when receiving only "res" filter added: support for @duration metadata filter changed: don't prevent serializing resource in didl if it's invalid changed: allow ProtocolInfo without PN added: DeviceIcon .Net mapping added: now can pass byte[] through .Net interface when responding to HTTP request (thumbnails) changed: Managed don't throw exception when stopping UPnP if it hasn't been started added: signature to Platinum.Managed fixed: crash when stopping an already disposed Managed instance (?) changed: now exports to Targets root subfolder fixed: missing log4net bundle Platinum 0.6.1 -------------- fixed: potential vulnerability when receiving SSDP messages or SOAP requests added: now compiles for Android NDK added: PLT_UPnP::IsRunning method changed: moved LastChange variable parsing into controlpoint changed: pass sort criteria entire string to delegate instead of parsed split list added: Cocoa layer for Mac added: Managed C++ layer for .Net added: new Managed MediaServer Test changed: improved MimeType and ProtocolInfo support changed: being more strict on MX to pass UPnP certification fixed: dc:title is required added: serialization and parsing of upnp:searchClass and upnp:objectClass name attribute changed: searchable attribute is false by default changed: Can now pass uuid to Managed MediaServer changed: Can change lease time from Managed MediaServer changed: Don't adverstise bye-bye SSDP messages by default on startup anymore to pass DLNA compliance Platinum 0.6.0 -------------- added: Documentation Platinum-HTML.zip in Platinum/Docs/Doxygen subfolder added: fix for detecting requests with url decoded paths (for example from Windows Media Player) changed: PLT_SsdpListenTask timeout to 1 sec only for iPhone changed: Removed some PLT_HttpHelper functions that were problematic changed: No need to force contentlength to 0, task should set it automatically if no entity fixed: Socket leak in PLT_UPnP changed: completely reworked HTTP response handling changed: osx default target is leopard now fixed: osx i386 build issue changed: revamped & simplified media server delegate changed: updated latest Neptune and now use new time/date support changed: PLT_HttpRequestHandler not a template anymore updated: normalized use of timeout added: basic HTTP caching headers support to HTTP file server added: made PLT_MediaCache generic, MediaServer now sorts by date and caches directory listing added: axTls to build system for ssl connections (HTTPS) added: MicroMediaController can be specified a folder directly using the "cd" command fixed: Renderer Channel environment variable attribute name (must be "channel") fixed: crashes when enumerating net interfaces on iPhone added: more log to MicroMediaController added: XmlHelper Serialize function Platinum 0.5.4 -------------- updated: msdev 2008 output fixed: incorrect local filepath extraction from url fixed: xcode project fixed: gcc warnings added: CocoaTouchBrowser sample iphone app started (not finished) added: Platinum xcode proj for iphone into arm-apple-darwin changed: handling of http requests when device host server is being used for serving content from derived device (like FileMediaServer Device) added: more log to MicroMediaController added: XmlHelper Serialize function fixed: WMP wouldn't return resource url if the browse filter didn't contain 'res' changed: be more relaxed about invalid or missing resource uri and invalid protocolinfo, maybe the filter didn't request it afterall Platinum 0.5.3 -------------- fixed: MediaCrawler app updated fixed: crash on exit while Browse action is requested fixed: bug in ChunkDecoder changed: better support for HTTP 100 continue changed: DLNA compliance (handle 1xx responses, shutdown sockets better) added: code to check if ip or interface is within same network changed: increased stream copy buffer to 16k for better streaming performance fixed: crash on exit due to logging in PosixThread wait function changed: FileMediaServer now serves files at the root url and not "/content" anymore so that it can serve "/crossdomain.xml" url for Flash if needed. changed: putting back GetVolumeDBRange & GetVolumeDB since it seems to be required by DLNA fixed: GetTransportAction not returning current protocol info changed: remove argument from argument list if value was not allowed changed: now returns NPT_ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETERS when validating state variable value if failed changed: dont' fail if action contains unknown argument names, simply return NPT_ERROR_NO_SUCH_NAME changed: now uses individual scpd cpp files for each scpd updated: now uses a batch file and header tool to convert scpd xml file to cpp for inclusion added: PlayTo functionality by supporting advertising and responding on localhost changed: more DLNA compliance added: time class Platinum 0.5.2 -------------- fixed: recursive posix deadlock when notifying new devices are ready and delegates try to subscribe to services added: seek command to MicroMediaController changed: lowered log levels changed: removed SsdpProxy from Build.scons updated: scpd for MediaRenderer now has GetVolumeDB, SetVolumeDB, GetVolumeDBRange changed: now attach root device to action instead of device (in case of embedded) since embedded devices are not referenced, they're children of main root device changed: better embedded devices support in ctrl point, now keeps only root devices in list fixed: crashes when device goes away while an action is performed on service or waiting for responses fixed: scpd retrieval for embedded devices with same service (Sonos with onnectionManager service for example in both DMS and DMR) fixed: action arguments are serialized in same order as defined as scpd (to make WMP12 happy) changed: Search sockets are bound on port > 1024 and different than 1900 according to DLNA added: When looking for device, can return root if device is known to be embedded fixed: root device reference is attached to task that need to access service or action in response to prevent release if device goes away while waiting fixed: don't check if subscriber sid start with 'uuid:' even though it's the spec added: more WMP12 support parsing xml responses (uses UPnPError instead of upnp_error and any namespace) fixed: random crashes fixed: PS3 DLNA errors changed: Advertise on localhost now and respond properly if search was receiving on localhost changed: Now can ignore all local UUIDs when multiple devices are attached fixed: MediaController made AVTransport optional and RenderingControl required service added: MediaController added SetVolume, GetVolume fixed: MediaController better handling of invalid timestamp or duration added: MediaRenderer GetVolumeDBRange and SetVolumeDB added: Didl support for bitspersample, nraudiochannels and samplefrequency changed: Didl adding .000 for frame in timestamp otherwise 360 won't play tracks improved: Didl parsing if invalid xml node found fixed: Filter criteria was missing in Search function prototype added: Can now decide if protocol info should contain DLNA info or not added: MediaBrowser added search fixed: When receiving didl for item, don't try to validate resource url protocol and ip as it could be rtsp:// or FQDN addresses fixed: SetVariableValue can pass csvs and each value will be indepedently validated added: Can now set extra attributes to a state variables (for Volume that has a Channel) changed: The state variable now serializes itself into an xml node instead of the service doing it. That way we can add extra parameters if needed added: helper GetIPAddresses can be passed a flag to add localhost to list if needed fixed: vs2005 projects with new Neptune path changed: simplified AVTransport scpd for renderer added: Renderer now supports Windows 7 WMP PlayTo feature! added: now can choose to add xml header or not (some implementations like WMP needs it) fixed: bug where it would never keep a connection alive on the server side added: more DLNA improvements removed: Neptune from ThirdParty, now same level as Platinum in PlatinumKit fixed: 360 can play mov files now added: mimetype by extension fixed: WMP can see Platinum again (needs <?xml ?> changed: change mediatype after calling ServeFile instead of before, or it may get changed Platinum 0.5.1 -------------- removed: DMS 1.5 for 360, no need for it changed: more DLNA support, fixed deadlock when removing devices changed: moved back apps to Platinum proj on OSX fixed: ctrl point now renews subscribers in time added: mute/unmute function to micromediacontroller to pass DLNA tests fixed: fixed subscriber renewal, now wait 10 secs before doing first house keeping of old devices not renewed fixed: scons 1.2 support fixed: osx config for scons 1.2 added: MediaServer Device Discovery & Control DLNA compliance changed: uses built-in Platinum icons instead of file based fixed: iPhone build fixed: xbox 360 was not playing divx anymore Platinum 0.5.0 -------------- added: better dlna support for embedded devices changed: now wait a bit before fetching device description after receiving first ssdp message just in case we have more ssdp byebye messages we have not received yet which could cause the device to be removed after we've just added it added: full support for HTTP/1.1 and persistent connections in compliance with dlna 1.5 fixed: fixed rare deadlock changed: now uses http 1.1 for DLNA compliance changed: queues scpd requests instead of using one thread per scpd added: near DLNA compliance for device host and control point fixed: http server returning more than requested during HTTP byte range requests (fixed iphone playback) change: now DMS 1.5 for 360 fixed: browse issue with syncbrowser added: SetDelegate functions to PLT_MediaBrowser and PLT_MediaController in case it is subclassed and this cannot be passed to ctor Platinum 0.4.9 -------------- added: PlatinumiPhone target to Platinum.xcodeproj changed: PlatinumApps.xcodeproj now depends on Platinum.xcodeproj changed: PLT_MediaBrowser and PLT_MediaController now asks delegate before subscribing to events to let a chance to decide if device is worth listening to events changed: renamed PLT_MediaBrowserListener to PLT_MediaBrowserDelegate and PLT_MediaControllerListener to PLT_MediaControllerDelegate changed: check for new event to notify every 100ms instead of 10ms, also reduce link list modifications to reduce allocatio/free added: can now specify custom user-agent and server http header fixed: missing didl resource if no protection attribute was set fixed: can now stop/restart devices without restarting entire upnp stack changed: honor Connection header from response if keep-alive is true fixed: more PS3 support added: now can specify initial port can be ignored if failed and try again with a random port added: support for resolution in didl, can now prevent certain files from being advertised in didl, better mimetype support in FileServer fixed: now aborts properly client socket tasks removed: null/null in array, uses NPT_ARRAY_SIZE instead removed: NPT_ERROR_INTERNAL result when closing a socket while still reading on it, now returns NPT_ERROR_EOS added: support for icons (MediaConnect sample for PS3) added: PLT_HttpRequestContext can hold a request and a context now changed: better dlna support, can now use request information to decide what to return (important to support xbox 360, ps3, etc..) fixed: XBox 360 not finding us anymore, don't hardcode same guid! and fix mp4 playback on 360 Platinum 0.4.8 -------------- fixed: XBox 360 and PS3 video playback added: removed some FATAL logs, can pass path to MediaConnect cmd line changed: changes to http server to support path without a query added: frame streamer example (mjpeg live stream advertised via upnp) changed: verified that content-length was indeed set on the entity before writing it, to avoid writing 0 when the length wasn't known (multipart) Platinum 0.4.7 -------------- fixed: listener being called multiple times with same device when appearing or disapearing added: dc:date support in didl added: better dlna support for videos changed: don't cache empty results in media cache fixed: WMP 11 crash when unsubscribing fixed: crash after 15 min due to not cleaning up properly interface list before reusing it changed: allow for services with no actions (although not upnp compliant) fixed: lock media cache before access changed: switching to native eol changed: fixed xcode proj, add delay to get description/scpd for Rhapsody to be happy changed: uses HTTP 1.1 in server with keep-alive. Greatly improves performance updated: license is now GPLv2 or later changed: do not search, announce or respond on localhost anymore Platinum 0.4.6 -------------- changed: upnp server now uses same port for upnp and serving files (helps with firewall) added: upnp support for embedded devices changed: upnp device description can now be modified according to request (user agent header) fixed: better upnp eventing mechanism, can now pause eventing to set multiple state variables, and send update in a batch changed: detect xbox and change description to pretend to be WMP fixed: artist role attribute is not supposed to be in upnp namespace updated: Neptune to support Unicode filenames added: Sonos support! XBMC server can now be browsed by Sonos Desktop Controller and music can be played on multiple Sonos ZonePlayers all synchronously and streamed from XBMC. Sweeeeeeeeeeet! fixed: deadlock on subscribe fixed: crach on subscription cancellation fixed: first event notification was sent to early and could be missed fixed: UPnP Renderer Intel Validity Tool tests Platinum 0.4.5 -------------- fixed: better embedded devices support fixed: Unicode support on Win32 platforms changed: now can pause eventing to set multiple state variables and resume eventing then Platinum 0.4.3 -------------- fixed: vs2008 solution fixed: mp3 invalid protocol Platinum 0.4.2 -------------- changed: don't set an entity on request if no body is expected added: support for PS3 (basic dlna support) changed: MediaCrawler now derives from MediaConnect so that it's seen by XBox 360 fixed: now passes the proper reachable interface when subscribing to events by keeping track of which interface was used when retrieving a device description fixed: gcc 4.2.3 errors (Ubuntu 8.04) changed: removed all NPT_Integer references fixed: didl parsing of resource with size > 2GB changed: didl resource duration is now unsigned added: support for SCons 1.0 (0.98.5) fixed: support for files > 4GB fixed: SIGPIPE errors on both Ubuntu and MacOSX fixed: potential memory leaks reported by valgrind changed: updated to use Neptune 1.0.1 Platinum 0.4.1 -------------- fixed: crash caused by typo when fixing gcc warnings, was adding the wrong http handler changed: don't use an outside lock for requests in PltHttpClientTask which can cause delay and hang out when queuing requests in a row like when updating state (Thanks Andy B.!) added: copyright 2008 Platinum 0.4.0 -------------- added: new PlatinumApps project for XCode added: apple iphone target fixed: fixing scons build, automatic stripping in release mode now fixed: potential crash due to trying to use connector of a client that didn't exist anymore added: support for Vs2008 fixed: leopard support with both 10.4 and 10.5 sdk installed fixed: gcc 4 warnings changed: renamed fopen_s to fopen_wrapper fixed: Fix for unbuffered file streams on OSX (was callign setvbuf after seek) added: Support for SO_REUSEPORT on OSX added: Set NOSIGPIPE flag Platinum 0.3.9 -------------- added: Xbox360 support! fixed: warning appearing with gcc4 on macosx fixed: leaks when getting ip addresses added: new ring buffer stream and tests changed: Browse to pass a flag instead of UPnP browse text flag changed: Browse prototype changed: switched to static crt added: can now pass http port to FileMediaServerTest added: more mediatypes (avi, divx) support fixed: content-type not being set properly if file extension was uppercase fixed: MediaCrawler prototypes due to changes to Browse signature added: MediaConnect project added: arm-unknown-linux config (iphone support) added: RingBufferStream class fixed: NPT_Xml now writes the xml header changed: listen task now passed to Start/Stop function to have ctrlpoint, device remove themselves from it changed: working on better subscriber support in ctrlpoints (switching to references) removed: embedded devices support until we have a better idea on how to support it (is it DLNA compliant anyway?) added: a PresentationUrl element to description only if present otherwise Intel UPnP DeviceSpy is confused! added: avi & divx extension support to content-type added: custom http chunk decoder even though we don't support HTTP 1.1 yet fixed: server not reading socket info properly when receiving datagrams which would cause a device to respond to M-SEARCH requests on the wrong udp port (and Xbox360s to not discover our server!) fixed: Http Server handlers seem to trigger only on the path of a url NOT including the query which means that SCPD Urls with queries currently don't work! For now we switch to not use queries in SCPD urls changed: now announce and respond to search requests on loopback adapter fixed: Task manager thread was not sleeping enough! now 100ms added: ContentDirectorywSearchSCPD.xml SCPD (Xbox 360 needs Search !) updated: latest Neptune added: jpg content-type fixed: now don't allow to start if specified port for server is in use already added: more mimetype to class support added: can now pass a port for the file server of PLT_FileMediaServer changed: Device host and ctrl points now get their own task manager so that when they stop, all tasks stop so there's no need to keep track of running tasks changed: ctrl point now issue a search at least on localhost if no interfaces were found fixed: UPnP devices and ctrl points are now freed when stopped (removed) fixed: UPnP devices and ctrl points can be restarted (reused) now added: better support for icons fixed: EventSubscribers now have their own task and try to reuse the socket (Connection Keep-Alive) when possible changed: Service uses NPT_List instead of NPT_Arrays to improve manipulation of state vars added: Can now use Connection keep-alive with HTTP/1.0 clients added: State variables can now be moderated. Service has a task that monitors if vars have changed and send updates if it's time (according to moderation) added: Service now supports the "LastChange" state variable changed: PLT_SsdpInitMulticastIterator joins group on any interface fixed: possible lock when stopping all tasks (lock, notify tasks to stop, unlock then wait for list to be empty) added: some dlna support changed: moved File Media server from PLT_MediaServer to PLT_FileMediaServer added: placeholder for Search in PLT_MediaServer changed: removed MediaRenderer and MediaServer projects, now all is in Platinum project changed: moved MediaConnect source in Source/Devices fixed: build to not include ../ in path.. hopefully fixing gcc 3.3.5 errors added: MediaServer now sets variable rate fixed: bug where subscribers were deleted all the time after first notification fixed: eventing of moderated state variable changes fixed: temporary hack for XBMC support of Xbox360, we urlencoded the ? to that the 360 doesn't strip out the query and then the query ends being parsed as part of the path changed: didl now forces an empty upnp:artist added: Search action to look for ContainerID instead of ObjectId in xml since that's what the xbox 360 sends! changed: refactored to use NPT_HttpRequestContext instead of NPT_SocketInfo added: new macosx target (universal) fixed: use of NPT_CONFIG_THREAD_STACK_SIZE for xbox added: can now reset the connector of a NPT_HttpClient changed: Updates missing headers only if they're really missing (user_agent, connection, ..) changed: Updated NPT_MessageQueue to reflect new blocking way changed: Neptune Http server now uses reuse_address when binding fixed: single quote in urls changed: now can abort NPT_HttpServer fixed: If a request is forwarded, don't try to send the body if there's no content length... fixed: UPnP Renderer now receives moderated events properly fixed: Platinum scons Build, added MediaConnect target improved: HttpClientSocketTask now uses keep-alive so if the server is 1.1 or 1.0 with Connection: Keep-alive, it reuses the socket, useful for eventing added: Split up MediaConnect support and services into separate class, now CUPnPServer derives from PLT_MediaConnect. refactored: move httpserver in start/stop so that it actually stops and cleans up when the device is stopped fixed: now starts a thread only when there's a need to event state variable changes to subscribers instead of in the ctor. Useful since the class is also used by ctrl points and they don't need to notify. fixed: check that the body stream of a request is rewindable before trying to send a request on a keep-alive socket. If it fails, we wouldn't be able to resend it, so instead, we close the socket and reopen a new one. added: new downloader class fixed: potential deadlock when stopping upnp while devices are running changed: made file server port public in PLT_FileMediaServer so that we can update/query it without recreating a new class (no need for setter/getter) Platinum 0.3.8 --------------- fixed: crash in MicroMediaController (ctrlpoint really) when devices go away and a new one reappear. The control point was not removing subscribers from its list for the removed device. added: Visual Studio 2005 project files changed: switched to using new Neptune Logging system changed: PLT_DeviceHost now appends the ip address to friendly name if asked Platinum 0.3.7 --------------- changed: removed projects in the works from solution changed: dont restrict an interface to have the MULTICAST flag to send multicast data. If it's not multicast, it just won't send it. Cygwin doesn't report MULTICAST flag properly on interfaces that are multicast so that's why. fixed: clear SyncMediaBrowser cache for a device when it disappears changed: put back interface matching in proxy using netmask fixed: linux build fixed: workaround Windows Media Player bug that replaces back slashes to forward slashes in a url query ! fixed: duplicate headers in crawler response changed: fileserver now defaults to serving root "/" with all children so that crawler can use /foo.wma changed: made ProcessFileRequest overridable for Crawler changed: Mega update: - revamped to use http handlers from Neptune - extensive switch to using address instead of pointers for NPT_HttpRequest & NPT_HttpResponse - using eventhandlers now in devicehost (static for desc & scpds + dynamic for control/event) and controlpoint (event notifications) - fixed host advertising twice byebye on exit - Moved DeviceHost and Ctrlpoint Start/Stop into protected. It's PLT_UPnP now that starts and stop a device (via Add/Remove..) - Created templated PLT_HttpRequestHandler fixed: 10 secs to get a M-SEARCH response is fine fixed: make it possible to pass an address to send the response back from a search, this is necessary when the udp.connect didn't actually find out which local interface to use fixed: now advertises on all interfaces even in broadcast fixed: setting MX to 1 in proxy, setting extra header to make sure we don't loop more changed: new ssdp proxy using broadcast instead of unicast, no need to keep track of unicasters anymore changed: when using broadcast mode, try to use interface broadcast address instead of changed: made presentation url public (so it can be overridden from the outside) hacked: device icons changed: better advertising in broadcast mode (less verbose) fixed: crash when a device disappears while trying to unsubscribe fixed: subscribers being added twice fixed: no need to set random seed in task, must be done in threads instead (using thread id) changed: added a media cache to cache data responses from servers to speed up fixed: better event support (fixed a couple of bugs), unsubscribe on device remove, still need to implement subscription renewal changed: improved NPT_Directory to read size & type with 1 call fixed: assuming forward unix style delimiters in resource urls was wrong, we want to keep whatever we're passed, it may matter changed: now can specify to keep file extension in item title changed: can now put a list of UUIDs to ignore in a ctrl point changed: now sends a search on localhost if no valid interfaces were found changed: now supports broadcast announcements for devices (mainly used by XBOX) fixed: changed callbackurls list to be NPT_List<NPT_String> instead of NPT_List<NPT_String*> for event subscribers to fix a weird crash fixed: SsdpListenTask takes a true UdpSocket if broadcast mode set changed: adding support of NPT_StringFinder for NPT_List<NPT_String> containers changed: using a HttpUrl for base urls instead of string changed: StreamHandler interface, now passing socket info to ModifyResource Platinum 0.3.6 --------------- - fixed list of devices not being cleared when ctrl point is stopped - fixed setting bad content length when serving a file with a byte-range request causing - filemediaserver now exposes one resource per network interface and put the proper one first (one the browse request was received on) - start listening for ssdp when upnp starts and stops when it stops - reversing back adding the Search method to ContentDirectory service - rewrite of action processing after finding a major flaw due to parallel processing of multiple calls to the same action. Now each invocation of an action gets its own sets of arguments (in and out). Platinum 0.3.5 --------------- Fixes/Changes: - updated directory structure so that everything falls under Build/Targets (even scons based stuff) - Fixing ip address being in media resources under cygwin in some cases - switching to using HTTP/1.0 for http responses - scons build output to Targets top level folder now - fixed bug where files with no extensions were not advertised (linux) - now strips the executables in Targets folder only in release build - Fixed cygwin bug where devices wouldn't be detected when started after a Control Point. Was advertising on disconnected interfaces. - Fixed logging wrong ip address, now defaults to if no valid one found - fixed bug in server socket task - added back HttpClientTests to solution - fixed bug in client socket task - switch to using NPT_StringOutputStream instead of PLT_OutputStringStream - improved PLT_Downloader - started working on a SQLite abstraction layer for a better Media Server (work in progress) Platinum 0.3.2 --------------- Fixes/Changes: - Tasks and TaskManager rewrote. No more housekeeping thread to cleanup tasks. Tasks are automatically cleaned up when done. - Stopping a ControlPoint will also stop the SSDP search tasks. - HttpServer can limit the number of connections (threads) it can handle at once. - Didl processing rewrote. Didl objects are more C++ oriented now. - Some progress in regards to DLNA validation. HTTP Server is 1.0 only (connections are closed immediately once all data has been sent. No more keep-alive support). - Started working on Ozone (Sqlite3 abstraction layer) Platinum 0.3.1 --------------- Fixes/Changes: - Fixed LightSample Test - Fixed MediaRenderer Test - Removed old source and project files to avoid confusion Platinum 0.3.00 --------------- Fixes/Changes: - Added MacOSX support. - Fixed socket abortion problem on Linux (using a pipe). - Complete rewrite to use threads instead of interrupt driven round-robin. The benefit is that throughput is now greatly improved (for streaming especially). - Addded a new App: MediaCrawler - Split up AV MediaServer code. Now the FileMediaServer is one implementation of the AV MediaServer. More to follow. - Added README, CHANGELOG, LICENSE files Known issues: - AV MediaServer Search not implemented yet. - Http server does not use a thread pool. This can be a problem with hungry ControlPoints like the Intel Tools AV MediaController. Platinum 0.2.00 --------------- Fixes/Changes: - Added support for Linux, Xbox, cygwin platforms (using Scons http://scons.org) - Now using timeouts on sockets. Fixed search not being repeatly sent. - Moved Neptune under ThirdParty folder Known issues: - Aborting on some platforms (linux/xbox) is not immediate. Sockets cannot be easily aborted by simply calling closesocket. Platinum 0.1.00 --------------- Initial Release
Source: README.txt, updated 2012-01-31

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