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A cross-platform C++ library for discovering, controlling or implementing UPnP devices. Contains sample code for a UPnP AV Media Server, Media Renderer & Control Point. (Platinum is copyrighted by Plutinosoft, LLC.

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User Reviews

  • Not UPnP (or DLNA) compliant. Unfortunately this isn't compliant with the UPnP spec, in particular one of the most basic compliance requirements that a UPnP client should be able to connect to a server which supports later versions of the spec. It cannot see a server advertising support for MediaServer version 4 (and below) Section 1.1.2 of the UPnP Device Architecture document (2008) states: "Updated UPnP device and service types are required to be fully backward compatible with previous versions of the same type. Devices must advertise the highest supported version of each supported type. For example, if a device supports version 2 of the “Audio” service, it would advertise only version 2, even though it also supports version 1. Control points that support a given version of a device or service are able to also interact with higher versions because of this backward compatibility requirement, but only using the functionality that was defined in the lower version. For example, if a control point supports only version “1” of the “Audio” service, and a device advertises that it supports version “2” of the “Audio” service, the control point should recognize and be able to use the device."

  • We love this SDK and it works like a charm We created an win32 app using c++ which controls the uPnP player from desktop. Now i want to know, if adding audio tracks to playlist in uPnP player through platinum SDK. If it is possible, then please could you point me to right direction?

  • Thanks for providing the source code as well as hard work.This UPnP/DLNA code Working very fine for all new Samsung TV, But old Samsung TV ( Model : UE46C5100) its not working , that means Videos are not playing some "File formate not supported !" error is coming . I know that reason you are "PltProtocolInfo.cpp" providing header are not supported to old TVs. please fix English is poor try to understand :p :):):)

  • Great stuff, I hope that becoming part of Lazarus will help to make it even better in the future!

    2 users found this review helpful.
  • Thank you, thank you a million times. You can't imagine how critical continued support of this project is to my software and my livelihood. Keep up the good work, and kudos.

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Information Technology, Developers

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C#, C++, Objective C