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  • Me ha servido mucho! estos son los programas que valen ORO!

  • Very good! Thank you!

  • Signed up just to say thanks and give a little feedback, I have been using this on XP for about 2 years to maintain part of PCI/DSS (credit card security) compliance in a restaurant. Central BBQ is small and we don't have much of an IT budget but his service allows me to let biz office workers get catering prices from our point of sale system through a secured machine that is the only network access to the "secured environment" I have recently upgraded to Windows 7 and the older MSI I had would not install on 7. I was bummed! Last edition will. Thanks for making the installer work with Win7 and assisting me to be compliant on Windows 7. The other alternative was POSready 2009 (XP that is not sunset) which for some reason had very poor network performance compared to real XP and Windows 7. All the other work arounds I came up with did not have the simplicity or natively run as a service. I am able to task schedule the service on and off during office hours which adds another layer of security.

  • Did you check the "Code" tab here on SourceForge? That has the source.

  • Doesn't this claim to be open source? Where can I access the source code? All links here pointed to an .msi installer.

  • It does work with more recent versions of Windows. I've just got it working with Windows 8 (64 bit). The trick is in the readme.txt file, where it says: "Go to the Programs menu and find the PassPort shortcut. Open the properties of the shortcut, then open the advanced page and make sure that the shortcut is executed with Administrator's rights. Otherwise the program will not be able to save configuration file in the installation directory." Having set the properties of the shortcut to "Run this program as an administrator", it works fine. Before that, it was not able to start the service, which was probably because it was unable to save the configuration file, like it says. However, I would not have discovered the readme.txt file if I hadn't looked in the installation folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\PJS\PassPort

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  • The statement that this "Runs on MS Windows XP or newer" seems to be misleading, as I couldn't get this working in Windows 7. Maybe the problem was something specific to my setup, but I spent hours testing the ports being forwarded in all possible directions, and produced nothing.

  • Love that its free