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The script creates a livecd of the installed system and works with *buntu. You can either make a distributable livecd or a backup of your system. NOTABLE CHANGES: * Single package for Script and GUI. * EFI support including EFI partition on ISO. * Populate pool folder with grub-efi for offline installing. * Update grub entry with the named used for the CD label. * Uses XZ to compress the filesystem.squashfs for smaller ISO size. * Added MDM support (Linux Mint display manager). * Added GDM support (Gnome Shell display manager). Version 3.* works with *buntu systems 14.04 (May also work with 14.10) Version 15.10 works with *buntu systems 15.04 & 15.10 Version 4.* works with *buntu systems 16.04 & 16.10 Version 5.* works with *buntu systems 17.04/17.10/18.04 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- FAQ: Q: Can't open the app. A: You may need to use GDebi to install the .deb GDebi isn't installed by default in *buntu systems. So you will need to install GDebi before installing Pinguy Builder. You can also install by CD'ing/'Open in Terminal' the folder Pinguy Builder is downloaded too and running: sudo dpkg -i *.deb sudo apt-get install -f ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Q: App not showing up in the menu. A: Not sure why this happens. Have only seen this issue with Ubuntu Budgie. To open run: PinguyBuilder-gtk ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Q: Keeps failing with the message: "The filesystem.squashfs filesystem is missing. Either there was a problem creating the compressed filesystem or you are trying to run sudo PinguyBuilder dist iso before sudo PinguyBuilder dist cdfs" A: Make sure you got plenty of free space on your /home, at least 10GB. You could also move the working directory to a different ext4 drive that has more free space. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Q: How do I run this in the terminal without using the GUI? A: sudo PinguyBuilder (Command string is case sensitive. Must use capital 'P' & 'B') Example: sudo PinguyBuilder dist ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Q: Can I make an ISO larger than 4GB? A: Short answer is no. Long answer: ISO 9660 has a maximum file size limit of just over 4.2 GB (more precisely, one byte less than 4 GiB). So it is impossible to create a squashfs larger than that. The other limiting factor is USB flash drives, they are usually formatted fat32(vfat) which also has a file size limit of 4 GiB. Technically I could split large squashfs into 4 GiB chunks, but Ubiquity (the Ubuntu installer) can only handle having the entire filesystem on a single squashfs file. So even doing that wouldn't work. If Ubiquity gets the ability to install split filesystem.squashfs, then it may be possible in the future to have ISO's larger then 4.2 GB. Until then, it isn't.
Source: README, updated 2018-04-28