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  • I ran this PI SCT on BayTrail platform and I am getting six error in SmmBase2 protocol test. In PI_SCT tool, SmmBase2BbTestDriver is a DXE_SMM_DRIVER which locates the EFI_SMM_BASE2_PROTOCOL and installs six different protocols based some condition. In PI_SCT tool, SmmBase2BbTest is a BS_DRIVER which is trying to locate the protocols which are installed by SmmBase2BbTestDriver and returns EFI_NOT_FOUND for all of those six protocol that causes those six errors in PI_SCT. I found that SmmBase2BbTestDriver was not dispatched, so those protocol were not installed but SmmBase2BbTest got dispatched and returned those errors. Why PI SCT did not execute the SmmBase2BbTestDriver ? And I am getting two more errors in ACPI SDT Protocol Test, those two errors mentioned below. Test case: EFI_ACPI_SDT_PROTOCOL.Close -It should EFI_SUCCESS,and the checksum should be changed. j:\pisctdev\PiSctPkg\TestCase\PI\DXE\Protocol\AcpiSdt\BlackBoxTest\AcpiSdtBBTestFunction.c:836:Status - Success Checksum = 22, AcpiTableBuffer->Checksum = 22 Observation: It seems that PISCT tool gets a wrong table to compare the checksum. GetAcpiTable_Conf: EFI_ACPI_SDT_PROTOCOL.GetAcpiTable -it should returns EFI_NOT_FOUND, when a table was not found. j:\pisctdev\PiSctPkg\TestCase\PI\DXE\Protocol\AcpiSdt\BlackBoxTest\AcpiSdtBBTestConformance.c:190:Status - Success Observation: PI SCT tool installs an ACPI table and removes the same table using TableKey and it expects that EFI_NOT_FOUND status should be returned which means it assumes that there is no other ACPI tables in the system. It is an wrong assumption. I think, PI SCT tool generates those eight errors by checking invalid conditions. GCD services test: PISCT tool verifies the MTRR or page table consistency in GCD services test. PI SCT simply returns pass while checking this test case in X64 (SctInstallPackageX64). Why does it skipping the particular test case in X64 only? Is there any way to fix those conditions on PI SCT tool? Please give your suggestion about this?

  • Hi, I tried to run PI SCT in EDK II Shell but it returns a error message as "InitShellApp: Application not started from Shell". But tool is working in EDK I Shell. Does this error message means PI SCT is developed based on EDK I shell and it is not compatible to EDK II Shell. Please confirm this.