A web-based calendar and resource scheduling system that allows administered management of reservations on any number of resources. Typical applications are conference room or machine reservation management.

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  • 100% free and open source. (GPL)
  • OS independent. Only requires a web server running PHP and MySQL.
  • Multiple languages and cultures.
  • Simple to install in any enviornment. Both a web-based and manual installation process are available.
  • Easy to extend with many pluggable components.
  • No limits when hosting on your server. Unlimited number of schedules, resources, users and reservations.
  • Active support community.
  • Easy to use administrative tools make it easy to quickly fine, manage and export data.
  • Powerful reporting system.
  • Reservation start and end reminders.
  • Intutive click and drag schedule view allows users to quickly find and book an available time slot.
  • Organize users and limit access by groups.
  • Flexible layout configuration lets you set up schedules that fit your needs.
  • Limit and control resource usage with a flexible quota system.
  • Optionally review and approve reservation requests.
  • Integration with Outlook®, Google® Calendar or any other system that accepts .ical files.
  • Authentication integration with LDAP, Active Directory, WordPress and more.
  • Customizable attributes and fields.
  • Tiered roles and permissions.

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User Reviews

  • This project has great potential. Unfortunately it is hamstrung by poor to nonexistent documentation, Zero support and no way to report bugs or ask for assistance. Use the Forum some may chant... I can not search or use the forum without first registering... I can not register because the forum has determined I am not human. There is a suggestion I contact the administrator... but no method is given to contact the administrator unless you are a forum member... I can not register because the forum believes I am not human. There is a bug with the password validation string... additional backslashes get added each time you save the configuration. This makes it impossible for users to register themselves, all accounts need to be created by the admin. I truly want this project to work but in its current revision (2.4.2) it appears unusable.

    1 user found this review helpful.
  • i can't fully utilized the project. i can't log in as ADMIN. any help ?

  • phpScheduleIt - powerful, effective software. Lots of parameters to configure but the default settings are very sane.Cool project

  • I have been trying to set this up for over half an hour. It looks very simple, and easy to setup. But every time I think I've got somewhere, I run into another bug. It is very fragile. The configuration file is a PHP file with everything as PHP variables. Booleans are not defined as booleans but as strings. It just seems like this is a project by someone who had a good idea, knew a little bit about programming, and managed to get a project that got significant followers. I will be checking out other scheduling software for my needs. May come back to this at some later time. I find it odd that the most helpful reviews ore often one sentence which says "hey this is good". I'm not saying that praise isn't useful, but honestly saying simply this is good is not helpful, going into some detail is what makes a review helpful.

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Database Environment

SQL-based, PHP Pear::MDB2