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  • i am using pma on my all websites. thank you very very powerfool mysql admin script. my info page: <a href="//">/</a>

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  • Good as a management tool, very poor for writing and executing queries because there's just too much web-based clutter. A much-needed improvement would be a proper console (not the 'console' they are currently developing) with results appearing in tabbed areas - much like SQLyog, PhpStorm's database console or MySqlWorkbench.

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  • Used to be a pretty fast tool. Since the usage of ajax it behaves like a shot turtle. Accidentally double clicking a record with a CURRENT TIMESTAMP setting, changes that date. Not all 'improvements' are just that ... Looking for an alternative

  • Must-have tool for web-based database administration tasks. Would maybe need some interface enhancements to catch up with the modern web (or at least maybe a modern theme with modern features, to keep all the vanilla users happy as well).

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  • The good thing about phpmyadmin is that developers implement new features or new mysql/mariadb functionality support much faster than desktop apps like sqlyog because developers release new versions often.

  • Hasn't worked since version 2.5.6 WHITE SCREEN, always.. so frustrating...

  • Great work guys,it very easy for learners like me to learn,develop php apps with mysql and administrate the my sql.

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  • excellent features and ease of use

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  • Status MySQL website in Persian Civil Engineering Central

  • its ok-ish

  • Excellent

  • Excellent

  • This is an essential piece of software for those who work with mysql on a regular basis.

  • Please update the screenshots

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  • A great GUI for managing MySQL Databases. Love it! Been using it since I started web development 2 years ago.

  • Have been using different GUI tools, web-based and not, for MySQL management and there is not a single one which I would grade higher than phpMyAdmin. It is simple in its design and easy to use when it comes to user experience. phpMyAdmin should be YOUR tool of choice as well.

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  • This used to be an awesome tool. Unfortunately, developers decided to ruin it completely with AJAX. When world finally decided that ajax is not a solution to every problem, phpMyAdmin's developers are trying to convince people otherwise. Fortunately there's an option to disable some ajax features, but not all of them. Ajax adds so many usability issues, that developers didn't think of or maybe just want to ignore. The very first principle for building apps for the web is KISS - keep it simple stupid! So no ajax, make it work with a simple pure browser, then add ajax “features” for these who really want it.

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  • phpMyAdmin is a valuable asset when developing and testing mysql databases online. It is fast and has a lot of needed features. Bugs are there but they are infrequent and not harmful. Highly recommended for web development.

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  • Would possibly be OK if I could work out how the download page works. So many dummy downloads that I gave up trying. Will wait until its included in the next version of Xamp. I'd rather pay a few quid for it rather than put up with such a rubbish download page!

  • PHPMyAdmin is essential for the application PHP / MySQL development tool. I use it since 1999 and I have never been disappointed. The interface and functions have evolved without becoming a gas plant!

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  • The best of MySQL!

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  • Very good tool. Great work you guys working on this.

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  • Really like this one here folks!!!

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  • good, useful for wordpress website

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