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  • very nice work . (y) i have some question sir, why dont have the level 8? and why is the password in the user table are different ? ! thanks in advance!

  • Nice script i was wondering can we restrict guest users to access page?

  • Doesnt work with PHP 5.6+ mysql_connect is no longer supported.

  • Nice this script, but when i open at admin.php i don't find "update user level level" 8 i found only 1,2 and 9 level ?

  • "Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete." I create the database with the configuration just fine ... register as admin as told ... and the confirmation page never loads. Useless

  • This system looks easy but has functions in it that have been deprecated in PHP5 Deprecated: Function eregi() is deprecated in C:\wamp\www\\login\userinfo.php on line 22 Need to update this to something more recent. Also would be nice to have a set of directions as a read me in the folder.

  • It's better, I like it, please keep your efforts to do more for us

  • I really like the improvements over JPmasters design! I would however like-to point out an error I received that broke the ability to alter any administrative features... on the file admin=>adminprocess.php the comment at the top of the page is causing the file to fail.. correct the php comment to be a real "# or //" comment and it works fine so far.

  • Hi Sowmya, Thank you for your comments. Now you can delete only all your group members. In old version you can delete user's without on the list. Thank you. Cheers! Arman G. de Castro

  • I haven't went through the code of this one yet but I know the script it is based on. I made my own version of this as well because the original version is insecure. I hope you've secured this one!

  • hey how can i open this proj?....whenever i types "localhost/htdocs/main.php" it gives message that "No Database selected" even i have imported database wich is attached with it pls hepl me that how can i make it viewable...i need it cos i have similar kind of project.. thanks

  • Great software, thank you.

  • In this project, main drawback is any masters can also delete the Admin or the Super User. So accessing of Admin profile by masters or agents should not be encouraged.

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  • This is actually a copy of Jpmaster77 a.k.a. The Grandmaster of C++ (GMC) code and there in no improvement in it in fact you cant register yourself by using this script which is included in original version. here is the link to original version