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  • Fantastic tool. Couldn't do without it in a large network.

  • Great program, PowerDNS could use some documentation, but overall love it. I chose this project explicitly for the API exposure and all the little bits that have come along with it are sweet bonuses.

  • It just does the work ! A simple feature would make it perfect : multiple record modification and delete :)

  • Amazing :)

  • Easy to install, easy to use and nicely designed UI! It could be improved with integration to DNS and/or DHCP.

  • I've been looking for something just like this for years. Great software, and developer is actively improving it.

  • Our company stopped using PHPIPAM (1.0) after a third-party auditor reported that it contained a number of security vulnerabilities, including SQL injections. For example, in functions-common.php, the get_menu_html() function reads in "subnetId" directly from the REQUEST, which gets passed to getAllParents(), which calls getSubnetDetailsById() in functions-network.php, which appears to drop the raw subnetId data right into a querystring executed at normal phpipam DB permissions. (You can grep the PHP code for more "$query" instances and back out to the related REQUEST or POST variable population to see similar examples.) The application also encourages IT admins to put "domain admin" credentials in clear text into the adLDAP.php file for optional AD/LDAP integration; there are safer ways to store these! (Using just MD5 for local user passwords also makes me nervous since a lot of the passwords stored here might be those of admins using the same password across multiple systems...) All in all, I think the project would benefit from a switch to PHP prepared statements and better credential protection. The functionality seems solid, but it could use better security (e.g., there appears to be some sanitization happening with parameters like username, but it's not universal), even if the app is normally only installed "behind the firewall."

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  • I've tried just about all IPAM software, and this is by far the sexiest and best I've uesd. Our entire team uses this now, and we couldn't be happier. Thank you developer!!

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  • Really happy with this product and Miha's responsiveness to bugs and features

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  • A very good IP address management solution. We like it!!!

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  • ipv4, cidr AND ipv6. simple, fast and GPL

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  • One of the best open source IPAM tools. There are still some bugs but you are doing a great job guys!

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  • Only the most necessary functions and nothing more. excellent quality programming.

  • Nothing to say, except, thank you!

  • Just what I looked for, not bloated, clean, easy to use, smexy.

  • This is by far the sexiest IP Management interface I've used. Wish I could contribute to such an awesome project! Kudos!

  • Great Project. Best IPAM i've tested yet.

  • We have fully incorporated this app into our environment now and have been using this software for almost a year so believe me when I say this - Simply the best put together Open Source app I have encountered. This is a simple concept that just works! Looks great too. The creator of this app responds to requests for help quicker than a paid IT service Desk!! All credit to Miha, well done!

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  • Having been through and trialed a number of IPAMS we are using PHPIPAM Love it! I didn't rate it 5 because there is room to improve. In fact we like it so much we want to help!

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  • Great tool ! It will help me keep better track of my network. Well done ;)

  • This is an excellent tool and exactly what I was looking for in an IPAM

  • In my opinion "the best of all IP address managers" I came across, and believe me I have seen many (free and non-free) during my long IT life. Thank's Myha for bringing it on!!!

  • Finally! An IPAM that makes sense. Easy to use. Easy on the eyes. PHPipam is well thought out and in a logical manner. I maintain 40k+ public address space. I've taste tested *all* the open source Ipam's available. Miha's PHPipam is the keeper. Bonus points ... my boss likes it too! Kudo's to Miha!

  • Lots of useful features and one of the best interfaces I have seen on a website based solution, Paid or otherwise. Definitely give this a go if you are looking for an IPAM solution.

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  • Fantastic tool - looks like it's quickly becoming the best opensource/free tool out there.

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