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  • The software can detect whether conflit IP me?

  • Easy to use and easy on the eyes.

  • Very great app. Good enough to replace IP addresses management using Excel worksheets! The user interface is very clean (we can also say it looks quite beautiful, which is a pretty rare feature for a management tool) and fast, the setup is very very easy. We installed it a few weeks ago to manage a few ipv4 large subnets and an ipv6 subnet, we are going to see if can rely on it, but we can say that we are already very happy with it. There'll be a before and an after phpipam ;) Myha, if you come to Paris, we'll get you a beer!

  • i am getting this issue when i login with Non admin Role. Database needs upgrade. Please contact site administrator (Sysadmin)!

  • Very nice and helpfull!! And very clean and fast!!

  • Has potential but still lacking in a lot of areas. I don't want to come off as negative, hopefully more constructive than anything. Some issues I have are: * No built in ip scanning (I had to write my own poller for my evaluation of this software) * No subnet joining/splitting * No API (though it's on the roadmap, I don't see any commits related to it) * Difficult to visualize where ip gaps are since all ips are added manually * When viewing subnets, IPs within the subnet are all displayed in a single page, so if you have say a /20, or even an IPv6 /64, be prepared for your browser to shit bricks. * SQL queries in code tend to utilize 'Select * from...', even when just needing a single column from a table. For example the 'getIpAddrDetailsById' function which also should have used a 'limit 1' in it's sql query. But that is just an example. * No active mailing list or community. Like I said, this software has potential and also has some nice features. It's aesthetically pleasing, just not ready for large deployments. I think the author has done a great job so far

  • manageSubnetEdit.php buggy / problematic. When attempting to add a new subnet, clicking "Add" produces no dialogue box or result as does in the online demo (using appropriate CIDR addressing, etc). Rolled back to 0.5 and found same issue. I thought it was a CSS issue at first hiding the dialogue, but the fact its not adding it to the tree/root as the online demo does hints to me something else is amiss. It appears potential here if this sort of thing resolved?

  • Hi, I found a bug in 0.6: - file manageSubnet.php, line 127: must be $subSlave['description'] not $slave['description']

  • Awesome piece of software, excellent interface with active development!

  • Exactly what I was looking for. It has all the features I need and none that I don't. Plus the code is written very well and easy to fix current issues or customize.

  • This is great. Help and great for those who need to create an "As Built" and manage the network! Thank your so much! Regards

  • plain simple and very usefull !!