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  • Simply great!

  • After a new installation of windows one of the first tools i always install

  • Very useful. Software Suite is easy to use and like.

  • Easy to install and use.

  • My favorite program

  • Good work, thanks!

  • Very practical.

  • It is an awesome small and easy to use program

  • Great job! Light weight and fast to boot.

  • Awesome tool!

  • It works for me, nuff said

  • great program for building family trees, lots of handy features!

  • This is an AWESOME piece of software!

  • Very good project, nice idea and great perfomance

  • Brilliant product. Used it for years now, and never had any problems that couldn't be fixed within hours.

  • Excellent project. Thanks for sharing.

  • Outstanding. Easy to get up and running, nice set of features.

  • I moved from five or six years of Family Tree Maker to PhpGedView about six years ago. It is a bit complicated, and may have scared-off some potential contributors, but honestly, for all that it does and its adherence to standard GED format, its more than worth it.

  • I think is just great, it might be a bit "unfriendly" for some unexperienced users (like the rest of my family :) . I strongly recomend it.

  • I have used PHPGEDVIEW for around 5 years now and am slowly coming to understand it. It is the best genealogy program around. Thanks for the great work.

  • Great,

  • Sou Brasileiro, estou adorando este projeto, pretendo atuar no seu código para melhorar algumas interações com o usuário e também para facilitar a integração com outras ferramentas, como por exemplo o Joomla! I am Brazilian, I love this project, I intend to act in your code to improve some interactions with the user and also to facilitate integration with other tools such as Joomla!

  • It is by far the best genealogy program around. It is full of features and easy to maintain. It also is the only program that let's you collaborate with other people. I use it about 4 years now and I can't live without it!!!

  • I love, love, love PhpGedview!

  • The best available. I've used it since Version 3. The forum is always helpful if you get problems.

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