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  • This is good code. But, there is some problem when reading date.

  • This seems to be a good piece of code but there are some issues that I believe should be fixed. I could not get the example.php to run without errors. Hence the low rating. 1. The excel sheet "jxlrwtest.xls" seems to be corrupted. Cant open it by double-clicking. 2. Line 31 of reader.php should be fixed to the path of the files in the zip file (for testing purpose) 3. Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in Excel/ on line 172 I hope you fix this and publish an updated version asap. Thank you.

  • Very Nice, simple, BUT... client/user should install excel on their computer

  • Am using this XL reader it Awesome! Am having a issue, if a cell contain more than greater than 255 characters, the reader is giving only the first 255 characters How can I increase the size to get all the contents of the cell? Can anyone please suggest/help me? How much records it can read?

  • i think this is a fork for this project: xlsread and second for who ask for xlsx files. these have not that support at the moment. would be nice to can read that format

  • Thanks for Phpexcelreader, it's good!

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  • I am using PHPExcelReader to read uploaded xls file. But I am not able to read xlsx files saved in excel-2007 format. can someone help me on how to read xlsx file in PHP.

  • thank you, i saved lot of data not in csv by mistake and your reader helped me very much.

  • Amazing phpexcelreader!

  • Awesome app, thanks for sharing!

  • Very helpful, fast and easy product!

  • Wonderful project! Thanks for amazing work!

  • why has oleread.php no topcoment @license people for date watch to reader.php => function _parsesheet($spos) { ==> case SPREADSHEET_EXCEL_READER_TYPE_NUMBER: ==> if ($this->isDate($spos)) { let me now if you has resolved the problem if you watch to this => $row = ord($this->data[$spos]) | ord($this->data[$spos + 1]) << 8;//*7 i think it was his first program new version

  • I have a similar problem than OpenID User below: There is a probleme when reading cell with just date or datetime! First, as the problem below, the date is always incremented by one (1) day! Second, it does not support date over 2038: for e.g when the date is 11/05/2101, it becomes 04/01/1973! Is it a bug? Thanks in advance!

  • excellent app

  • nice library, with its help I've saved a lot of time

  • Posted by OpenID User — 2010-07-05 maybe you need change your timezone ? Great class !

  • Good old php library.

  • I never use this software before. Thanks for sharing.

  • Good job, thanks a lot for conveying

  • Excellent bit of application having a good deal of guarantee.

  • Retaining Hyperlinks... and Test XLS File This is a highly technical class and it works very well for a straight forward XLS file. Well done @bizon153 and @trex005. I would like to retain the hyperlinks on records. Anyone care to investigate and provide a solution to this? That would make my year! :) Also, the supplied XLS file is encrypted or corrupted so do not use. Supply your own XLS file for testing and change the '$file_to_include' variable value to suit.

  • SPREADSHEET_EXCEL_READER_TYPE_RK2 - What is the use of this variable? my date format is 1.10.2010. How do I read this date value from excel?

  • It does not work anymore with JOOOMLA 1.5.20!!

  • The class is excellent, but when I try to read a Cell with a datetime, the result is something bad. For example: my Excel Cell contains 16/06/2010 09:20:01, and PHP Excel reader displays: 17/06/2010 04:20:00. Is this a Bug? or something I do bad?. (The XLS File was made by Excel 2007 saved as Excel 97-2003 format)