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  • I am a rookie on the keyboard! No programming skillls and I still manage to make this solution work where others I failed miserably. If I could do it, you sure can too! LOL

  • If you are using this (2.1.4) with cPanel, #1 don't use fantastico. #2 once you installed it yourself follow these instructions to get it working without all the "deprecated" errors. Create a php.ini file in each of the 4 folders admin public admin>include admin>include>lib (Didn't seem to fix things unless I put a php.ini in each of those folders.) I added just the following lines to each php.ini file display_errors = Off log_errors = On I also went into the following files admin>include>lib> admin>public>survey.php admin>include>lib> (lots there but Do NOT put an @ before the "eregi") and added an @ mark in front of all the "ereg"s. So for example in >admin>include>lib> I used the "find" function after clicking "edit" to find anywhere where "ereg" was written and then added an @ mark before it. Saved the files and now my phpESP is working smoothly with no error messages. Thank you again Franky!

  • Simple. Useful. Light.

  • great tool, it was very easy to integrate and manage it on my site!

  • It was easy to design the survey, yet hard to execute based on very sketchy instructions on how to deploy the survey! Is there a read me file regarding where the "survey itself resides" in relation to where in the domain name is the Php script residing and where as a subdomain (or root domain) should the Php code (or script be embedded and how) can it be embedded in WordPress for example, and how?

  • Code has been deprecated and now shows the deprecated statements to users on the form they should fill out. Until this is fixed you should avoid this program. I've used it for years, will need to find something else now.

  • great work, easy to integrate