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  • PHP4DVD v3.x

  • Waiting for new (3.0?) version Like : :)

  • Great project! Keep on like this. After installing it, I got this message, do you have a bug tracker? Strict Standards: Declaration of Website::display() should be compatible with Smarty_Internal_TemplateBase::display($template = NULL, $cache_id = NULL, $compile_id = NULL, $parent = NULL) in C:\xammp1\htdocs\php4dvd-2.0\php4dvd\lib\Website.class.php on line 4 Thank you very much for sharing your project, it's really useful. Best regards from Verona, Italy Luigi,

  • IMDB-Import works after updating the imdbphp2 in lib/imdbphp (I had to use the latest version from the trunk => trunk-609). Only 3 small wishes: - Option to change the Collection name in the header "My collection" - List-view. Without pictures. Only movie name, year, director and maybe the first 3 actors - After adding a new movie, I have to go back to "home" for adding another one

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  • Thanks for updates ;)

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  • Install was simple and smooth. I plan on linking directly to my video files and adding a play button, or replacing trailer button to stream my movies. Only issue is the imdb search feature is not showing any results. It just displays a clickable imdb logo (a bad link to "") with a -1 in the year area. I haven't been able to pin the problem down, anyone else having this issue?

  • Easy to install !! had it up and running in 5 minutes, and the development option is great. I use it to maintain an extensive personal movie collection ( about 300 by now ) and to share with friends in case the want to borrow one. It's quite cool to have a movie db at home. I've created the file in spanish, drop me a line if you want to include it for a future release. Great project, thanks for sharing it !

  • Great application. I use it professionally for publishing a videostore catalog online. Integration with IMDb via 3rd party library makes it very powerful.

  • Downloaded it..... Followed the instructions.... Got to the page........Internal Server Error..... What a crap this is........ Thums down.... as far as possible......

  • fast download and works, recommended.

  • Effective and promising software ...

  • Great project. I only had to update the imdbphp-library manually and now it works properly with importing from IMDB again! :-)

  • The good: Great project it's simple but very good. i love the mouse over cover preview, and that it has links to trailers.