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  • Having bought a Recon I was very disappointing in the original software, so finding Phoebetria was a real bonus. Phoebetria is excellent, does everything really well, giving you proper control, and best of all, reliable. No internet connectivity is no loss...who needs to control their fans over the web if the software/devices actually works properly anyway? Bitfenix should make you an offer!

  • Just received my Recon yesterday .... tinkered with OEM software...:( saw this little gem and it does EVERYTHING bitfenix left out.. THANK YOU DEV for the simple ability to LABEL both channels & sensors. no remote.... if u require changing your fan speeds while your out in town... u kinda got bigger problems than needing this little awesome piece of software. THANK YOU THANK YOU

  • Thanks for this wonderful application. Takes away all of the shortcomings of the recon.

  • Thanks for updates ;)

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  • Phoebetria is the best! Thanks.

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  • I just registered to say thank you for the great software. Do you have any plans to add temperature monitoring through software instead the sensors? Like the corsair link software.

  • Excellent tool. Recon owners must have!

  • well done

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  • Just registered at sourceforge to thank you for the great tool. The OEM doesn't work for me and yours does and even has a better look and feel. The profiles are great, I now have a completly silent PC in windows and an acceptable PC when gaming with just 2 clicks! Great! Thanks again and keep it up! Martin

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  • Hey guys, GREAT WORK!! This software is very responsive, and loads profiles very well! Much better than the OEM software! Would love to have a feature added: If you click on the fan controller channel number (1-5 in the Phoebetria prog), the front display of the Recon changes to display that channel. ie: a way to change the Recons unit it selves displayed channel. And theme/color options? Again GREAT WORK, and Thank you!

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