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PerfSuite 1.1.3 is now available. The major highlights of this release are: - Added the support for PAPI non-CPU component events. - Added the feature to dynamically detect CPU type and set the default event configuration file at run time, instead of using the file determined at configure time. - Used the "papi2_any-null.xml", containing only the "PAPI_TOT_CYC" and "PAPI_TOT_INS", as the default config file, if the CPU family or model is unsupported, to avoid issues. Also used it as the default config file for IBM Power CPUs, if the pvr version is unsupported. - Removed the functionality in psinv that printed out features of x86 and x86-64 CPUs, since this functionality requires high maintenance, but seems rarely used. This release also contains other enhancements and bug fixes. A complete listing of changes can be found in the CHANGES file. URL: Thanks and enjoy, Rui
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