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  • Hallo there Zippers ........ Once day i extract zip files from zip directory. In that directory have a 100++ small size zip files. When i selected all of those files to extract, i just like an idiot watching Peazip windows popping up then closed then popping up again, then closed again, then popping up again, again and again. And wait until it finished. I can not do anything, can not also minimize (peazip) it. Even i open others applications like google chromes or youtube, peazip popping up then closed the extracting windows on the top automaticaly. So i must wait after it finished it all. How to Minimize or Hide PeaZip Popping Up Windows While Extracting ? Please help me to solved this problem. Because i still have a tons of zip files to be extract. Anybodies have the same problem ?

  • I love PeaZip and have it on my computer next to another compression software for those times I need to uncompress something my main compress doesn't handle well.

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  • I just might choose this over 7-Zip. Not because I dislike 7-Zip, mind you. But because this software has many many more features than 7-Zip does. I love it. Absolutely love it. Also the additional encryption algorithms supported by PeaZip make it a definite winner for someone who needs to encrypt sensitive data, like myself.

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  • Excelente, melhor software de compactação e descompactação. Compatível com diversos formatos, de uso fácil e rápido. Essencial.

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  • Very useful If we download a rar file and we have not WinRAR.

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  • Buena alternativa

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  • I would rate it 5 stars, however the GUI is really poorly designed. If it was more straight-forward like 7zip's GUI, I personally think that is would be a great program.

  • This is one of the many great programs I got familiar since I started using back in 2008. One of the main features I've always praised of PeaZip above other great compression software like 7-zip or FreeArc it's the overall design; from the installation (how all association and shell options are given). the UI (all the info presented about the files, the browser, the theme customization, the menus) to it's core own compression file, PEA. It's able to create backups, scripts, manage passwords,it's got a very flexible compression dialog, full of options to customize the result file, it makes the use of the console really easy and familiar (since I'm not used to do it, I feel like I can use it without being alienated). Even the icons for the file associations are cool. In general, PeaZip has the same great features of other open source compression tools, but the design it's the best overall, I personally prefer using PeaZip in Windows, everything adapts to me ( and not the other way around), and the dev. it's quick to take note of bugs and problems with the app. I hope to see a better implementation of the PEA file in the future (in other software), I feel the full potential hasn't been unleashed yet.

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  • Nice program with great features - but alas - completely unoperable on hi resolution screens. The fonts are so tiny, it really lives up to its name

  • Useful file archiver tool.

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  • Could you please let me know the ECCN for this software?

  • Finally I can freely and correctlyadd files with unicode names to existing tar.gz files. Thanks.

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  • Excelente compactador/descompactador. Estou surpreso com a rapidez e facilidade de uso. O programa é bem leve e funcional, parabéns equipe. Pelo que entendi, é free também. Aconselho a todos.

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  • No x86_64 QT deb packages.

  • Superb Makes Work Easier

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  • This gem of a software just reduced my workload tremendously. I have two pay-for zip programs and neither of them would unzip multiple files and put them where I wanted the resulting files to go. PeaZip did it in 3 minutes from download, installation and unzipped files for about 200 font files. AWESOME!!!! I have not been able to do this since changing to Windows 7 a couple years ago and learning iceows wasn't able to work in this OS. I now have this as my only zip program, thank you so much.

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  • Best feature : Mass Convertion of archives in and from any type!!!! Thanks

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  • Had to install 32bit libqtwebkit (with an additional >50MB dependencies) on 64bit Linux but otherwise great!

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  • Very good though a bit slower when comparing with 7-zip, but it's time to install PeaZip and uninstall WinRAR. WinRAR is much more clumsy and complicated.

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