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Release Notes for PDL 2.007 -------------------------- +---------------------------------------------------------------+ | BE WARNED: This release includes an update to the internal, | | C-level PDL API for PDL versions 2.006 and earlier. This | | will require that you re-build any PP or XS modules. Do not | | upgrade or install over an existing PDL installation unless | | you are prepared to do so!!! | +---------------------------------------------------------------+ General Notes: * PDL computations now use 64bit indexing/addressing if your platform supports it (i.e., your perl configuration has $Config{ivsize} == 8). - You can process with pdls with more then 2**32 elements. - Memory mapped file IO supports up to 8TB files which allows much simpler processing of large data files. (See mapflex in PDL::IO::FlexRaw for details) * PDL-2.007 has a new, unified slicing engine and syntax that consolidates the multiple slicing variants into a backward compatible but now 64bit aware slice. See the PDL::Slices for the new syntax that is enabled. * PDL::FFTW has moved to its own distribution on CPAN and is no longer in the PDL core distribution. Look for PDL::FFTW3 coming to CPAN soon. * Some required dependencies have been update to more recent versions: - ExtUtils::MakeMaker now requires version 6.56 or higher, the minimum version with CONFIGURE_REQUIRES support. - Perl OpenGL 0.6702 is now required for PDL::Graphics::TriD to build. This fixes a number of critical bugs and should be a seamless upgrade. - File::Map version 0.57 is required. This fixes map_anonymous support for the >2**32 sizes needed for 64bit support. Legacy mmap support for unix platforms is no longer supported. The distribution requires File::Map so you should not notice the change. * Incompatible Changes: - PDL::FFT now uses the same sign convention as FFTW and the rest of the world, -1/+1 for forward and reverse FFT respectively. - C/XS API of PDL-2.007 is incompatible with previous PDL releases. If you upgrade to PDL-2.007, you *will* need to re-install or upgrade *all* dependent XS or PP based modules. - PDL now auto-promotes array refs in many places that previously required a piddle (so you can say, e.g., "$a->index([2,3])" instead of "$a->index(pdl(2,3))"). - String syntax for slice() specifications now ignore white space. * The clean up of the PDL core distribution continues and PDL-2.007 is no exception. Many bug fixes, documentation updates, code and implementation improvements make this the best testing PDL release to date. Highlights: * FITS IO improvements and fixes: - Added 'afh" option to rfits to allow explicit use of legacy hash parser for performance reasons. - New multiple extension writing support for wfits. * Added pp_deprecate_module() to PDL::PP * New mode/modeover functions in PDL::Ufunc * Made exception handling in slices more robust. * PDL::CLONE_SKIP added for improved ithread support. * Updated graticule() in PDL::Transform::Cartography to support NaN-delimited output. * Bugs fixes: - Fix %hash randomization bugs in PDL tests - Fix OpenBSD pthread build problem for non-threaded perls - Fix PDL::shape to return vector for 1-D piddles - Fix badvalue-on-truncate support for map and for interpND - Fix for MSVC++ 6.0 to build on 32bit systems. MSVC++ 6.0 cannot be used to build 64bit index support. - Fix polyfit() handling of BAD values and various edge cases. - Fix rare "Bizarre copy of HASH in scalar assignment" - Fix rcols with colsep and $PDL::undefval - Fix bug #331 "uniq does not always return proper object" - Fix bug #338 PDL::FFT uses backwards sign convention from FFTW - Make PDL::NiceSlice preserve line numbering ( feature #75) - PDL::IO::GD->new() is now less picky about it args, and no longer crashes - Two bug fixes to transform.pd, and an augmentation
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