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  • Nice, easy to use and very useful program. A small enhancement request : add "Save" beside "Save as" in "File" menu to allow overwriting of currently open file (shortcut Ctl+S would be nice as well). Thanks, François.

  • Simple easy to use program. Easiest way to install this on a linux system is just to use the "Software manager" built to your distribution which will download and install it.

  • I used to use PDF24 in windows and pdftk in linux, but pdftk lack of GUI. Currently I need more complicated task, and I found this. Very helpfull

  • Very useful piece of software, please keep up the good work.

  • Merged multiple PDF files each containing multiple pages effortlessly and logically. Better than PDF Mod for this purpose. Excellent piece of software!

  • Way better than alternatives...

  • Easy to use, powerfull, fast. Very good!

  • Works good...Thanks!

  • I've relied on pdfshuffler for years. Now, no joy, just an error message. "multiple definitions in dictionary" It's broken, and I'd be very happy to see it fixed. I'd rate this straight fives if it worked as it did last time I used it.

  • Thank you for the software! A friend just asked me to concatenate some pdfs for her and I was about to start my own code for that, decided to check sourceforge and found this great, simple and easy to install piece of code!!!!

  • Thank you. I can't understand why Acrobat (and others) makes so difficult to create booklets and remove margins. Your application is easy and works well. It would be great to have another option: It has horizontal and vertical shift but only one scale option. I would like to see Independent horizontal and vertical scale transformations too. x and y scale. That is sometimes useful to stretch the text when it was designed for other paper format.

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  • Very useful, easy to use. Thanks very much for this great tool.

  • Amazing project, thanks for giving out

  • It saves my time. highly recommended

  • simply great piece of software. It looks like this existed for a few years, but I've just discovered it few months ago and now use it all the time. I used to do all this stuff in CLI, which is ok for huge jobs, but for fixing a couple pages pdf-shuffler is much more convenient.

  • Mangles multi-page documents if more than one rotation is needed to orient pages correctly. Only useful if one can do what is needed with a single 90-degree left or right rotation.

  • VERY usefull pdf tool ! fast, simple, intuitive, really a brilliant tool :)

  • Very useful tool, thanks!

  • works great.

  • Can't get any simpler, faster, or easier. Brilliant. Thank you very much!

  • A very useful PDF manager

  • I love this program and highly recommend it.

  • very simple program with an intuitive interface, great project!

  • I use this app for a long time and am very pleased!

  • very useful utility, thanks!

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