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  • I absolutely consider this app the perfect software I ever tried! => have a look at this webiste for Free Goods :

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  • UI is a little sloppy and the program lags a little, but it gets the job done. Simple to use and very effective, more than I can say for a lot of programs that advertise similar results.

  • Worked a charm! Needed to merge pages from different PDF files and it worked without problems. Thanks!

  • Great software, thank you.

  • Thanks very good project! +

  • Worked great for combining single pdf pages which had been edited using inkscape.

  • Do you need a simple and free PDF editor? Download - make sure it's the best tool for you!

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  • Very interesting idea, useful project and good implementation

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  • very good project, thanks!

  • Hi, Can pdfedit be used to edit non-ascii and non-latin1 gliphs? I try and it replaces the gliphs with question marks. Also, if I just select to edit a field with the euro character, and I do not modify it, euro becomes the charcater NOT (¬). How pdfedit handles the encoding? Thank you. Ionel

  • Works great! Needed to separate English and 2 other languages apart in a cd player owner's manual. Now I can e-mail the English version to my church where the player is located. This is a well written program, Thank You.

  • pdfedit - is great. Easy to create

  • great program pdfedit, thanks.

  • Thumbs up!!!

  • I have tried more than 10 open source pdf editors, and only PDFEdit can fulfill my needs. A must use tool! Thanks for this great project

  • excellent tool for creating and editing pdf files, it's very simply to use

  • Fast. Easy. Great.

  • This is an excellent tool.

  • A fantastic example of Open Source at its best!

  • Great tool, I use it everywhere and recommend and install for everyone I know.

  • Fast and Efficient. better than Windows based programs and FREE.

  • No PC should be without this

  • Thanks for sharing this wonderful Open Source Project with us. I use and love it.

  • I love this program and highly recommend it.

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