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  • Cant figure out how this works. no help file nothing

  • Rubbish. I installed it and then tried to look for it... Could NOT find it ANYWHERE! Will be uninstalling ASAP.

  • Appears to have lost all functionality, or was never developed. Seems like a shell.

  • Performance for Windows user: Crash, crash, crash.

  • Downloaded this to edit a single PDF file. It would not open the file, and gave a vague error message not telling why. I can open the file in FoxIt and Acrobat Reader.

  • Pas possible d'ajouter une page

  • couldnt even find the texts in the PDF

  • Piece of shit

  • Instant crash on win 7.

  • Didn't manage to do anything successfully with this. Here's a list of problems I encountered: Crashed several times while trying to use to make a simple text edit. Text change tool defaults to dingbats font every time, have to manually sample font from document for every change. Text change could not replace any text in the document without misaligning or otherwise changing the appearance of the text. Text selection tool frequently selects a collection of unrelated things instead of the thing I was clicking on. I could not make the selections I wanted to because of this. Have to change back to selection tool every time before making any edit. Default install path is C:\

  • It cannot open pdf files with non-ansi characters in path. I tried it and crash. Don't burn it. It is a good try. I will be back in 2 years.

  • Installed, opened pdf, erred and crashed when trying to apply text to pdf. Possibly a compatibility issue with Windows 8.1? Did not try other features. Just from using the text tool you can tell it is not even close to being as dynamic like wiki screenshots make it appear.

  • 2 tries, 2 failures (unable to open file - a one-page letter) ; lifetime on my PC : 60s.

  • Odd interface. Wierd fonts used. Icons for eg Open File greyed out, but menu item works Tried to add text to a PDF, but it crashed. Repeatedly. So I gave up on it and uninstalled.

  • Total fail. Unable to correctly open a 37 page PDF document, size 110kb. It opened just page 7 of 37 and even that was blank. The document was easily opened correctly online using Google Chrome. The website that hosts the PDF document is the CQC in the UK. This website is the Government run website (Care Quality Commission) that oversees all aspects of health care in the UK. It is not an amateur website. Very disappointed.

  • This program contains a virus!!! Malsign.Generic.E84

  • Maximum time before crashing - 1 minute.

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  • I am more than frustrated with this product. How the heck do you modify anything? I can even figure out how to white out a simple section....

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  • It installed, but app didn't know where to go, and it failed to open a pdf in Windows 8.

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  • I wanted just change one word (address) - without success. Very unintuitive, not working (Tf operator issue???), unstable. So back to Word 2013 :-(

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  • Options à really poor. I used it only to insert a picture and it didn t make the job. Keep going, don't give up the project

  • Completely useless, at least for the task I needed it for. I simply wanted to edit one single character in a pdf file. Pdfedit crashes when I try.

  • Crashes on Windows 7. Can't recommend a program that can't even add text to a PDF without crashing.

  • Slow, junky, installer dumps everything in the root of C: by default with no program group, the uninstaller requires itunes be closed, and the program calls itself TIAEditor.

  • Windows XP - Can't use it. It's missing the msvcp100.dll file.

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