This project uses a 3rd-party installer, its contents have not been scanned.
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PDFCreator-0_9_3_GPLGhostscript.exe 2009-03-01 12.6 MB
readme-0_9_3.txt 2008-01-17 366 Bytes
PDFCreator-0_9_3_WithoutGhostscript.exe 2006-08-26 7.0 MB 2006-08-26 2.4 MB
Totals: 4 Items   22.0 MB 80
PDFCreator-0_9_3_GPLGhostscript.exe This setup contains GPL-Ghostscript. The complete source code of PDFcreaor. PDFCreator-0_9_3_WithoutGhostscript.exe This setup does not contain Ghostscript at all. Because of an installation bug of GPL Ghostscript 8.54 PDFCreator can't detect a preinstalled version of GPL Ghostscript 8.54.
Source: readme-0_9_3.txt, updated 2008-01-17