PdfBooklet is a Python Gtk application which allows to make books or booklets from existing pdf files. It can also adjust margins, rotate, scale, merge files or extract pages.


  • Create booklets
  • Merge Pdf files
  • Scale, rotate, change margins

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User Reviews

  • For me it has been very-very useful the last two years or so. BUT when downloading in Windows the executable of version 3.0.4, AVG has warned me about a virus. The "unziping" version seems clean for AVG antivirus.

  • Very nice tool to create brochure without trying to guess how to setup printer. It would be great if the tool had option to add some space between pages - so everything will be visible after stitching.

  • Absoultely wonderful application for creating booklets.

  • Many people needs to modify the layout of some pdfs an create booklets in order to print it properly. But it's difficult to find a good software to achieve it. Pdfbooklet is a promising application that can do it and it's free. maybe it needs some improvement but it works. It would be great to have the global transformation scale split in two: horizontal scale and vertical scale. And also the option to change the output page type (A4, letter...) Another common option missing here is the "stack all pages", that allows you to see all pages together in order to know the proper margins.

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