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  • It is a fast file manager, but a bit spartan, and it sometimes does not allow me to empty the trash (Lubuntu 17.10 under gnome 3.28). Not sure why it is inconsistent in its behavior. Opening a folder as root was very useful- why is it gone?

  • Using Ubuntu 17.04 with GNOME 3.24.2 shell. NO bugs at all, unlike I had with Dolphin, Nautilus and Midnight Commander. Was able to connect with my home net and manage all my files without problems. I am not so sure I agree with the “no root” complaint. If I want to use PCManFM as root all I need do is start it using the CLI, cannot even figure out why I would want to do that. If I was still coding PCManFM would not be my choice of file managers anyway. Great software, lightweight and functional, highly recommended. Thank you Hon Jen Yee.

  • use it with (k)ubuntu 16.10 perfect for root access :) dolphin doesn't work with root access... one minor: PCMan does not support USB harddrive (or any other device) i have usb package installed, so should work...

  • I use Liuxmint 17.2 Mate on an old Samsung x20 notebook, I switched to PCManFM 1.2.0 and now I have a fast and *stable* system. Nautilus/Caja sucks to much RAM and frizzed often the whole system. PCManFM had the most what I need, the design is nice, I can configure nearly all - thumbnail view, icons size, desktop; way better then Thunar and other I tested (a lot). PCManFM is fast, opens windows fast, show desktop fast, Drag and Drop, tabs - a lot! I missing the 'Open as Root' but its possible under |Tools| > Executing a command with > gksu pcmanfm or you use *Actions* Here some examples: <> German site explain it: <>

  • I use PCManFM along with vifm. Light and useful when I have to do some intensive file-management.

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  • Reinsert "open as Root"... was very (and quickly) usefull

  • Excellent, finally something better than Nautilus and not as annoying as SpaceFM.

  • Thank you for version 1.2. Love the dual pane feature.

  • Version 1.2 has removed the "Open folder as root", that is one of the features i used every day. And there is no option to re-enable it, as people asked in user mailing lists and on launchpad. Losing an important feature in an upgrade, with no replacement is always a symptom of bad design.

  • Almost there. For me it's the best and fastest file manager under Linux. Thunar is also great but it feels a bit sluggish in comparison to pcmanfm. I would only like to see one more option, though: when showing thumbnails is disabled to be able to see the thumbnails anyway when you switch to a thumbnail view. 5 stars nevertheless.

  • Fast, just want Breadcrumbs, and a option to show thumbnails sidebar like windows. Overall the best "nix" file manager and its fast.

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  • Great software, thanks pcmanfm

  • current git has fixed invalid left-click on desktop using oxygen-gtk. Very good.

  • Nice job! Easy and clean!

  • Excellent 1.0 release... Finally with good thumbnailer support, and stays fast as ever

  • I like pcmanfm, so i must say thumbs down. My last version is pcmanfm_0.5.2+svn20091029-1ubuntu3.1_i386, have archived deb package... I agree with Werner, i can not say it better. :(

  • Fast & stable & just works (always) I'm using it for 4 years already and I like it. I use most of functions that it has, and don't see anything missing. It is one of first programs I install on new linux installations.

  • It is an excellent file manager. It is amazingly fast, easy to use, and reliable!

  • good job

  • Really good way to get rid of Nautilus.

  • I did really like the old 0.5 releases. But the new rewritten sucks. Sure its still same fast, but many useful functionality is just gone (forever?). I do miss the folder tree view, without it, a filemanager is useless. I switched to Dolphin, on my new Laptop there's no big noticeable slowdown anyway. Please dont go the Gnome way! We arent all that stupid, keep functionality, flexibility & power.

  • really fast and effective.

  • Fast, handy and in active development.

  • Light and effective. Very nice

  • Very impressive :-D

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