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  • Honestly, this program has helped a tabletop RPG noob like myself get off the ground with a running start. Whenever my DM says "Make a new character!" I'm there, I know what I have to do and when to do it thanks to the summary screen. However, now that I have been playing regularly for a while now (great way to get in some much needed face to face social interaction for the week) I really need Deity and Demigod information. When I create my character(s) there's a place to input deity but it's a drop-down menu that just says "None" even when I want Olidamara for my new rogue or Pelor for my new Paladin. Instead of seeing that deity's name on my character sheet, there's "None" there instead. This makes keeping my various character's religion straight, they're faithless instead. How does a Paladin go on living when they're faithless? How does a monk theologize? These questions are best answered by having a more accessible deities list at character creation. Thanks for reading! Oh, and as for the 'Support' category in my rating, it's simply a 3 because I don't know how awesome or devious your support rating actually is.

  • Thanks for making this great application!

  • This application has been very handy in starting a new campaign.

  • Very simple to use. Very useful to your games.

  • I love it, if only it would PLEASE: Support the latest JAVA Versions.....Load times are killer (when it loads at all lately...) Currently Supports JAVA 6 ....

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  • It is pretty crappy that 6.04.01 does not support Grey Elves as a Player Race!!!!! Guess I'll just use the old version, or go back to pen and paper because I really hate it when people "fix" or "update" something but, in reality, they break it!

  • Great program for creating PCs and NPCs alike. I even created a monster with additional levels in wizard within a few minutes. The hint-area talking about not-yet configured feats, spells etc. is an invaluable help as well. One thing I am missing is a collection of pre-generated characters like those that can be found on www d20pfsrd com/bestiary/npc-s - It might be relatively easy to create those characters, and so we all would have a large collection of NPCs for GMing.

  • I adore this program! It's easy to use and makes character creation so much simpler. Unfortunately I've got a bit of a problem. I used this program on my boyfriend's computer, and my dad's but it won't seem to work quite right on mine. It will run on the admin user account, but not on the standard user account. Anyone know how to fix that?

  • Excellent selection of features and supported games. Incredibly powerful for creating new characters and updating existing characters after a game session. HORRENDOUS interface, poor layout, atrocious default install location (AppData? seriously?), excruciating learning curve, severely limited customization unless you're a developer, and all support requests, bug reports, or suggestions require signing up for Jira or joining a Yahoo! group (no way to provide anonymous feedback or avoid creating a new account on a site you'll only ever use once). Overall, this application is great and a must-have for serious gamers who are also computer geeks. It simplifies, automates, and coordinates character creation so that someone who is fairly unfamiliar with a system can quickly make a character and jump into a game. However, that ease and fluidity is marred by the poor design and complicated layout that will stall any new users and force them to spend hours just getting familiar with the PC Gen interface. For those who are familiar with a system and become familiar with PC Gen's interface, you'll quickly become disappointed at the simple expectations that have not yet been met. I believe the developers over-emphasize features and game system support while ignoring the most basic design principles.

  • I absolutely love this generator above all the others I've used. It makes for quick character creation for new-to-the-table players (I GM a lot of those) and SNPC's (The ones that are basically there to make my PC's lives hell). The only issue I have with this generator isn't really an issue so much as something I covet. I just want so many other games to be available on this generator. It would make playing a new game for the first time a breeze to set up. Other than that, I have nothing, but good things to say about PCGen.

  • The best character generator for Pathfinder!

  • Nice work ! Great project.

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  • Pcgen is excellent! Thanks.

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  • Great stuff.

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  • Thanks for software and updates.

  • Thanks for Pcgen, it's perfect!

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  • I use it, too. Also because I don't use Windows. Highly recommended.

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  • Love it, only wish the material from the non-core 3.5 books could be added. I know that's a legal issue, so no points lost in my book for that.

  • Respect for this project is great!

  • PCGen is a great application and is backed by a great active team.

  • nice stuff! it works fine for me

  • Character Generator thanks, very useful.

  • pcgen is fast and easy to use

  • great program all around, only complaint, just wish it had some sort of quick lil getting started guide, considering thats my only complaint, always have this installed on my comp.

  • This is the best tool for Windows that I know. thanks

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