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PCGen is a FREE Open Source character generator and maintenance program for role-playing games.

PCGen currently supports the d20 RPG system and includes data sets based upon gaming material from Wizards of the Coast, Paizo Publishing and dozens of other publishers. The project's current focus is on gaming material released under Wizards of the Coast's Open Gaming License (OGL) and sources supporting the Pathfinder RPG by Paizo, but the PCGen team also works with publishers to get permission to include limited Closed Content as well. PCGen runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Unix/Linux using Java

What's new for v6.4.0

Welcome to PCGen v6.04.0, the latest stable release of PCGen. This release includes hundreds of new features and bug fixes along with some great new sources. The highlights of the changes for PCGen 6.4 are listed below:

Notable Changes

  • For Players and GMs
    • New Pathfinder Board output sheet
    • [Pathfinder] Apply Ultimate Combat 2nd printing errata
    • Implement Race Builder in ARG
    • Update Guide to PSOP to recently released 5.0 version
    • Implement calculation of assorted undead save DCs
    • Pathfinder: Prevent inadvertent stacking of resistances
    • Newer, more compliant, PDF generation library (FOP 1.0)
    • Improved error handling when exporting characters
    • Improved character file safety
    • Improved loading of older characters
    • Custom, Homebrew and Vendordata folder locations recalled between installs from 6.3.5 onwards
    • Lots of fixes to output
    • Many data fixes
    • Improved Spanish language support
  • For Data Authors
    • New conditional skill system
    • Bonuses to epic BAB and CHECKs now handled separately to non epic
    • Eliminate Ability Cloning / Ability Processing Consistency
    • Reduced memory use when switching or reloading datasets
    • New output sheet language - Freemarker (optional)
    • Migrate many sheets to use FreeMarker
    • Converter run on all sets

New Sources

The following new sources were added in 6.4.0

  • [Alluria Publishing] Remarkable Races: Compendium of Unusual PC Races, Pathway to Adventure Edition
  • [Dreamscarred Press] Ultimate Psionics
  • [Mongoose Publishing] Quintessential Samurai
  • [Paizo] Adventure Path: Mummy's Mask Players Guide
  • [Paizo] Adventure Path: Reign of Winter Players Guide
  • [Paizo] Adventure Path: Shattered Star Player's Guide
  • [Paizo] Pathfinder Player Companion - Andoran, Spirit of Liberty
  • [Paizo] Pathfinder Player Companion - Blood of Angels
  • [Paizo] Pathfinder Society Field Guide
  • [Paizo] Rise of the Runelords (Anniversary Edition)
  • [Paizo] Skull & Shackles AP55 - The Wormwood Mutiny
  • [Super Genius Games] The Genius Guide to: The Talented Rogue (PF)
  • [WotC] Unearthed Arcana

For full details of the new changes in this release, see the Release Notes in the list above.

James Dempsey for the PCGEN Team -- 27 September, 2014.

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