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A free, cross-platform emulator for GW-BASIC, PCjr & Tandy BASIC

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    it works but too slow. if you don't have the same computer the NASA does have, you would not want to run this 10 DEFDBL A-Z:PRINT TIME$:FOR A=1 TO 1000000! 20 B=B+1/A:NEXT A:PRINT TIME$, B it will take almost 10 minutes. i have yet windows xp 64 and 3.3 ghz the same program runs in amstrad basic2 (you have to remove the "defdbl a-z") in 20 sec. unfortunately i don't know all basic commands but! i would like have a basic that does ASIN and ACOS because the tan(x) may lead to trouble i can't tell anything about support because i did not ask for it. one advantage is there is no "coordinate outside virtual screen" error which causes more trouble in amstrads locomotive basic

    Posted 11/05/2017
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    Great. it works fine and properly working in windows and linux systems. you can also download from here for windows 10 with the tutorials how to use in windows 10. onesoftwares.com/gw-basic-free-download/

    Posted 06/21/2017
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    title*: BASIC on 64-bit machines.... (yes but) The but is... it's not BASIC but a BASIC "emulator" I've used BASIC since my first 8-bit machine the OSBORNE-1 Later on the first PC the 16 bit flavor Which worked ok on 32-bit machines But not on 64-bit machines.... A long came the savior (little "s") sourceforge.net/projects/pcbasic/ robhagemans.github.io/pcbasic/ the download All of this to run my annual BASIC adding machine: 10 A=0 : AX=0 20 INPUT A 30 AX=AX+A 40 PRINT A,AX 50 IF A=0 THEN 80 60 SAVE "adder.bas",A 70 GOTO 20 80 STOP A gets typed in AX is the running total and grand total after typing in a zero (to quit...) Every year since 1981. Who says BASIC is a lost art? Yeah, not much of a program, but it works. Thanks for the emulator guys! *I sent this to my friends!!

    Posted 03/31/2017
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    PC-BASIC is an impressive emulator. I run it on Rasbian in a Raspberry Pi 2 and It works great. Given its integration with the host system, it makes some retro-programming projects easier to develop than using the actual GW-BASIC interpreter on DOSBox, for example; and the result is easier to run on different platforms.

    Posted 12/09/2016
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    It works GREAT! I use it on Windows and Ubuntu Studio (both 64-bit). Thanks for the work. A PDF version of the documentation might be useful. - joel in Dallas

    Posted 11/14/2016
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    I have been using BASIC quite a time. Since the IBM PCjr I have made some of my programs with BASIC, still using the Dartmouth style like GWBASIC from MS. I still have some codes or programs that run on GWBASIC. Having PC-BASIC implemented as a cross-platform for various versions makes this emulator a powerful one. As I have noticed, it is faster than DOSBOX emulation, have different features that make PC-BASIC easy and capable for some elaborated programs often seen. The window is very comfortable that let you size it for convenience; fonts, syntax and other options are available in the PCBASIC.INI. It’s true that it’s in BETA state which makes it somewhat unstable, but the author is quickly adjusting any bugs found for a new fix, perfecting it a little bit more. Once you have installed PC-BASIC, for various OS, the documentations and forums are available for newbies and experimented to reach there Q&A for support in been a programmer and how to master the application. For those who already manifested thru those days of programming in BASIC, it’s a refreshing and a rush, in a retro way, which importance of this language marked what is programming today. /Ron.

    Posted 12/10/2015
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    For a quick BASIC routine check this environment is one of the best I have tried - more convenient than most DOSBox options. Sticks to the adage that BASIC implies Briskly Achieve Solutions Impossible in C. It's a permanent install on my computer now.

    Posted 08/11/2015
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    Full disclosure: I am the main author, so obviously I think PC-BASIC is great! I'm developing and maintaining this in my spare time, but I'm able to respond to questions fairly quickly. While I think it is now very usable and many people will be able to use it without any issues, PC-BASIC is actively developed and not yet entirely stable. PC-BASIC is intended to mimic an old and not very user-friendly piece of software, so necessarily it will have a bit of a learning curve. Do check out the documentation on this site; the same files are also in the download package. But if you can't get it to do what you need, don't hesitate to ask on the forum. If you run into bugs, or would like to request a feature, please leave a message on the forum and check back occasionally. That way I can get back to you to ask you for more information, for example to be able to reproduce the bug or better understand what you're trying to get done. You'll often hear back within a few days, if not quicker. Note that SourceForge offers no way for me to open a dialogue like that on a review, so please do not use the reviews section for bug reports. It makes it very difficult for me to get the information I need from you to solve the bug. Rob

    Posted 06/05/2015
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    Well, I tried to run TERM.BAS (The terminal emulator written in BASIC) on MacOSX, it fails when trying to open COM1: but the PCBASIC program, doesn't allow you to map a port, if for some reason you desired to use the serial ports." (TERM) - Terminal Emulator Device Unavailable in 140 Ok  list 140 140 CLS:PRINT ID$:CLOSE:OPEN"COM1:,,,,CS,DS" AS 1:CLOSE

    Posted 01/15/2015
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    Would be great if it could be installed to a standard directory and started from anywhere.

    Posted 11/17/2014
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    Really simple and effective GW-Basic emulator... if someone was looking for such a thing, this is a simple and nice solution, I think easier than using Dosbox or another full featured emulator.

    Posted 08/02/2014
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    Not usable for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. All kind of errors during installation and test. The QBasic (from OlDos.exe) is still good under Wine or VMBox.

    Posted 07/22/2014

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