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  • First off, massive props to the PIAF developers. The hard work and dedication to open source ideals is absolutely commendable. Thanks for fighting the good fight. It inspires me to do more of the same. The gritty: I am a Linux noob. I am a PIAF noob. I am a networking noob. Despite all my noobness I managed to get a Raspberry PI2 based IncrediblePBX system running reliably. It wasn't without sleepless nights, the repetition of installation instructions, the cursing of all that is one-and-zero in the world, the sifting through of YouTube videos, and more. However, the investment in time was not a zero sum game. Now I've got a fully functional and featured IPBX system to take care of small business telecom requirements for a monetary investment of tens of dollars and a pittance in electric consumption. And, I can modify the system to act the way I think it should act to best support what it is I'm trying to accomplish. Without intermediaries. And, I can fix the thing when it breaks. Without intermediaries. No question about it. There's a massive IT bow wave to get over for the uninitiated in order to make IncrediblePBX run correctly (in my noob opinion). But it's an increasingly IT world anyway and all the stuff learned for IncrediblePBX is transferrable to similar system that are based on similar fundamental concepts. Plus at the end of the rainbow IncrediblePBX delivers an awesome and relevant system that can be put to work to make life better. Haters are advised to check themselves thoroughly so as not to appear foolish in public.

  • I just can't say enough about this amazing community supported project. Years ago, I got into PIAF when I needed an affordable phone system for my business. The forums are a wealth of information and chock full of experienced and knowledgeable experts willing to lend a hand. When I started, I knew very little about VoIP, Linux, etc, but thanks to PIAF, I've learned so much and have helped others also to setup their phone systems. Dive in! You'll be glad you did.

  • Been a user since the beginning...

  • One of the best ways to get a phone system up and running within an hour (which includes the install time for the OS and PiaF packages). With literally 15 minutes of configuration from the end of install, I have a fully functional multi-line phone system with conferencing and caller queues, whatever music-on-hold I want, the list goes on. I will admit, though - the nerdvittles site, while a trove of knowledge and my first go-to source for VOIP tech, can be confusing with all the different versions of the installation techniques, add-on packages, security steps and so on. Some of the old pages are still relevant and linked to from the newer articles but they have links to old pages that aren't, etc. I wish Ward would cull out some of the older stuff, but with a site that's updated so much over the last 10 years, it's obviously difficult. I would suggest newer users choose the latest instruction set (the first one you find while scrolling down the home page, and there is always at least one) and not wander too far off that post. There really is no reason for a person without GNU/Linux and networking knowledge needing to set up Travelin' Man, port knocking, or other advanced topics. If you need this, hire someone to get it done or learn how to work it via CLI. One other thing is support. It's a free phone system that is amazingly complex under the hood. The support forum can be hit or miss. Much you find there is useful but I've had some posts get none or almost no answers that simply went unresolved. I understand, though, that this is a courtesy put forward by the PiaF crew and in the past when it's happened I just reinstall, follow the instructions again, and it's always worked out in the end. Other than that, DONATE! Not that I think they're hurting per say but wow - what you get for your money is truly astonishing. If nothing else, they deserve money just for the security updates they graciously research, develop and give away for free. KUDOS and THANKS to the Piaf crew!

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  • It is not good. It is the BEST ! Thanks all PIAF guys.

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  • bill-777-777, you warm my heart. When I have to deal with whiny customers complaining about quality and cost I'll think about you and tell myself that you can't even give great stuff away without someone like you throwing a fit. PIAF is amazing. I downloaded a version years ago and my "orgasmatron" has worked wonders for my business. To make it work I manned up and downloaded the entire Asterisk Without Tears and I read it. It took work but I did it and I'm sure it saved me thousands of dollars. The only valid complaint one could have with the Nerd Viddles site is that there is so much information it can take time to sift through it all. On the flip side, you'll find everything you need right there if you do the work and read. 5 stars for PIAF and no stars for people who'd rather complain than do a little work.

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  • Based on all the positive reviews, I had high hopes for PIAF...The Virtualbox and Linux parts were problem was that none of the PIAF documentation matched anything I was seeing in the Web interface. It was really aggravating. It looked simple enough in the PIAF docs, but every time I'd actually try to do something, the option I needed missing in the PIAF interface. A "5 minute setup" turned into two days of wasted time. Setting a static IP seemed simple enough, until I discovered that option had been removed. This happened over and over again. Also, it appears that the positive impression i got was largely a "creation" of Nerd Vittles. They are actively "managing" the comments in their favor. All of my post regarding the inaccurate documentation and my frustrations were removed. Apparently, comments only get approved if you have some thing positive to say...

  • One of the best pbx: has all built in!

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  • Pbxinaflash is excellent! Thanks.

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  • I've been using PIAF since January 2011. I was new to Linux, Asterisk, and VoIP, but the pbxinaflash team and its user-based community has helped me grow every part of the way. The PIAF project earns the highest rating of anything I have ever rated. The community forums offer personalized assistance within hours, if not minutes. I've tried Freepbx Distro, AsteriskNOW, AsteriskWIN32, & 3CX Phone Server. PIAF is the easiest & most stable platform that I've used. I am real user and this is real review. If you're a small business owner or thinking about becoming one, or manage the IT needs of one, then PIAF should be your choice.

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  • I like that is uses currently available components and scripts the installs. Has a good set of security components and options like fail2ban and firewall settings.