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This tutorial assumes you are starting from scratch and need all of the necessary (free) VMware components before installing the PIAF-Green template. If you already have a functioning ESXi server of at least 4.1 vintage, then skip down to INSTALLING PIAF-Green-32. The actual PIAF-Green-32 VM install and setup is a 5-minute task. WHAT YOU GET: Latest PIAF-Green VM with Asterisk 11 and FreePBX 2.11 (current as of 9-23-2013) HARDWARE PREREQUISITES: A dedicated server on which to run ESXi plus a Windows machine from which to administer it SOFTWARE PREREQUISITES: VMware vSphere Hypervisor 5.5 (aka ESXi) and vSphere Client for Windows. NOTE: A web client is also available for dedicated Mac and Linux users. See the VMware site for details. LICENSE REQUIREMENTS: ESXi comes with a short-term license to let you try the application. You also can obtain a full license by registering on the site and requesting it. Do it NOW! INSTALLATION OF ESXi: Once you have an appropriate (dedicated) hardware platform on which to run ESXi... 1. Download the ESXi .iso image and burn it to a CD: 2. Boot your server from the CD and answer the prompts. Very easy install. 3. When the install finishes, remove the CD, and reboot your server. 4. Start up ESXi and log in as root with the password you set up during the install. 5. Write down the IP address of your server. This will be an IP address from your DHCP pool unless you change it. Your temporary license key (only) is now active. INSTALLATION OF vSPHERE CLIENT FOR WINDOWS: 1. All administration of ESXi will be performed using the vSphere Client on your Windows desktop so pick a suitable machine to use 2. Open a web browser and point to the IP address of your ESXi server 3. Click on the web page link to download and install the vSphere Client ENTERING THE LICENSE KEY FOR ESXi: 1. Once the vSphere Client is open on your desktop, select the Configuration tab 2. Under Software, choose Licensed Features 3. Click on the Edit link in the top right hand corner of the window 4. Choose: Assign a new license key to this host 5. Enter the license key you obtained from VMware 6. Click OK to save your changes 7. Make sure your key was accepted and is displayed INSTALLING PIAF-Green-32 ESXi TEMPLATE: 1. Download the PIAF-Green-32.ova template for VMware from SourceForge 2. From the vSphere Client, choose File -> Deploy OVF Template 3. Browse to the location of your downloaded template and select it 4. Name your PIAF-Green-32 Virtual Machine (you can have more than one as long as the names are different) 5. Accept Disk Format defaults (creates a 32GB VM using 1GB of RAM) 6. Click Finish to create your ESXi Virtual Machine YOUR FIRST DATE with PIAF-Green-32 VM 1. Start up the virtual machine in vSphere Client 2. Click the Launch Virtual Machine Console icon (just above VM name) 3. Log in as root with password: password 4. Change your root password to something very secure: passwd 5. Change your FreePBX maint password: passwd-master 6. Set your time zone if you don't live on East Coast of USA: /root/ 7. Check status of your server and decipher IP address: status 8. Access FreePBX through Admin menu of PIAF GUI: Browse to server IP with your favorite web browser Enjoy!
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