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  • very important utility with no/little known vulnerabilities

  • I've been using this product for years and it only gets better with every iteration. If you need to manage a horde of passwords, like me, then this is one of the best options out there. The fact that I can use it on my smartphone and use two factor authentication is paramount to me and this does both of those and more very well. If you're just coming into password safes, get cozy with this one since it's definitely top notch.

  • Better than many other passwordtresors because of the features and the engaged development.

  • Great project, and a great password manager, really all you need. Set it up with a sync and you can use it on multiple devices. Carry on the good work!

  • password security is very important to our life,we should use password mannager

  • Easy to use with the traybar icon, customizable shortcuts, pasword history

  • I use Password Safe every day on my PC, and it's nice to have it on my Android.

  • Been using the Linux Beta version for so long I can't remember for how long. The software has never busted, worked as expected every time. Thanks for great software. I sync across multiple devices - android phone and tablet, ubuntu desktop, laptop and notebook. Been a life enhancer.

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  • Still great software after all these years. I've been using the Linux beta on Fedora since F19. Being cross platform allows me to inflict my draconian practices around password security on the rest of my family, and reverse the effects of the 2nd law of thermodynamics by creating order out of chaos.

  • Simple and easy to use password manager. The options to write to the registry or install in 'Green Portable' mode is a great feature. Highly recommended.

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  • This is an amazing sitei like it. I have been using last one year. it's working great! Thanks for sharing data please keep it up. <a href="">You can download free themes for eCommerce websites from</a>

  • Very, very useful, coupled with Dropbox, Android app and Dropsync.

  • This piece of software is a life saver, I only regret not finding it sooner... Secure, efficient, minimalist and well documented. Keep up the amazing work!

  • This is one of the most useful apps i have installed. It's easy to use, slim and powerful. A quick start is possible, but you will fast discover all the strengths of the software after digging a bit into the menu! Also, the UI is pretty much customizable so that it fits (my) taste of a slim app even a bit better now. Really great work!

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  • this saves me so much time

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  • I have been using last one year. it's working great! Thanks

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  • Extremely realiable over the years!

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  • PWS is great and has saved me much aggravation Thanks Bruce

  • I have been using a recommending for many many years and the best thing I can say is that it works reliably and always has. No frills but does what a Password manager should do without any extra baggage.

  • After having one of my less-critical social media accounts hacked, I suddenly came to the realization that having just a few passwords, for everything from games to banking, was not such a great idea. The only problem is how to remember so many different passwords. With Password Safe, I can keep track of sites, usernames, and passwords, all of which is safely encrypted, unlike a spreadsheet or little pieces of paper! I like that Password Safe can be installed on my USB, so I can use it anywhere, whether I'm on in an internet cafe, my mom's house, or my own laptop.

  • It's pretty simple to use, small size and just works. The windows version is a little more polished but the Linux version has improved greatly over that in the repositories and I use pretty much every day

  • Underrated compared to keepass. Its works just as well and doesn't need .net like keepass.

  • i appreciate this software … utilizing it on daily basis (upon boot). aside from other sentinels in my arsenal … i consider password-safe to be a must-have utility. while there's a few quirks in the version i installed (3.23) … the utility does what it was designed for.

  • Add multi-user simultaneous use and you get the full 5 stars. ( I know, I am not asking for much there. :) )

  • This program is great. It simplifies password management across all of my sensitive websites on all of my devices. Highly recommended. I combine it with Dropbox to keep my safes current.

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