Pasdoc generates documentation for Pascal units. It takes descriptions from comments within the source code or external files. Documentation output formats include HTML and LaTeX. Object Pascal, FreePascal and Delphi specific features are supported.


  • Understands code written in any Pascal and Object Pascal dialect
  • Understands modern Object Pascal language, as found in latest FreePascal and Delphi versions
  • Many output formats: HTML, HTMLHelp, LaTeX (PDF, PS), latex2rft, XML
  • Command-line (in batch mode) and GUI interface
  • Documentation from comments in the source code and/or provided in separate file
  • Arbitrary (even optional) comment markers
  • Special @-tags for formatting the documentation
  • Whole pages (like introduction to the docs) can be written using @-tags
  • Easy search box in HTML output using Tipue
  • Classes and unit dependency graphs
  • Optional automatic linking of identifiers
  • Spell checking
  • Cache for generating documentation fast

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User Reviews

  • Just excellent!

  • Great documentation tool.

  • Easy to use and configure, both as through console as gui. It produces complete .pas documentations in HTML, XML and LaTeX. It is perfect to generate documentation to support developers with punctual doubts about de code. You can select which sections (private, protected, public and published) of the code will generate documentation to distribute for end developers. With console application, you can generate real time documentations in an automated build.

  • Очень удобная программа, незаменима для больших проектов. Малые расходы по внедрению. Если комментарии уже были, их нужно либо переместить либо добавить 1 символ в начало. Не обязательно ставить дополнительные теги. Не обязательно ставить спецсимволы в комментарии. В результате в коде меньше "мусора" по сравнению с конккурентами.

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